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CI, EPA Others Graduate And Certificates 65 CBIT Students

The Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia along with Aether International Limited certificate 65 students through The Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) for Green Gas Inventory, monitoring, Reporting and Verification training May 28, 2021.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Executive Director of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh said in 2018 the Government of Liberia through the EPA and CONSERVATIONAL International received a funding grant from the global environment facility department to implement the CBIT Project in Liberia.

The grant received by the Government of Liberia seeks to enhance the capacity of environmental stakeholders through providing them the skills require to strengthen Liberian national capacities to implement the transparency element of the parries crafty agreement.

The EPA Boss stressed that since the inception of the project in 2018, it has made a significant progress in achieving the expected outcome which have to deal with ensuring that there are procedure to measure, track and report the mitigation and adaptation of data component on the land deal, Agriculture sector, and energy transporting of waste in strengthening the entire process 2.

According to EPA Boss, the NDC is an expected system put in place in line with the NSCC standard through making sure that key nation and stakeholders are built to effectively utilize and strengthen the collecting process and to enhance coordination among key sectors stakeholders and agency on the national determinant contribution relationship.

Proff Tarpeh further disclosed that the government of Liberia through the EPA and CONVERSATION INTERNATIONAL have work durably to make the outcome achievable. “the certification program demonstrate the following that the Liberia can now rely on the pull of sectors  national experts to help develop and control the country National GAVMRV inventory system” Proff Tarpeh said. 

The EPA Chief said Liberia can now have expect to gather quality data, analyze the data and ensure quality control on the use of the data within various sectors. “the capacity building gap in the GAVNRV inventory process is coming narrower and narrower, that Liberia will also be able to celerate on its reporting progress for national communication

In a related development speaking at the occasion, Mr. Arthur Becker CBIT national focus person reveal that on July  2020 the government of Liberia in collaboration with Conservation international started what became full blossomed that came to conclusion today. The National Focus person challenge the NEC sectors to embark on a vagarious training exercise across serious sectors including Energy, Waste, Transport, Agriculture and Forestry under the umbrella ALFOGRO.

“Ninety six (96) persons participated in the training but sixty five (65) completed the training requirement and played cardinal roles in the Climate Change Action Plan of Liberia” Mr. Becker further said. According to Becker, the purpose of the training was to strengthen national capacity at sectorial lever in term of GAV reporting over the various sector as focus person in Liberia for the conservation international. He also name the Mines and Energy as the best ministry through the training process who was punctual in gathering, analyzing and reporting through the process.

The Ministry of Agriculture was also ranked as the best participating hub in providing hub in time.

Also speaking on behave of Aether international Ltd Mrs. Amma Salisbury who is the lead trainer of Aether Ltd stressed that the training was meant to put Liberia on path with others countries around the globe in term of Green Gas inventory, monitoring and verification collections. Amma disclosed that the training was done with in six month period and included raining, teaching, assignment, group work as well as workshop.

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