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CHRIDA Ministries Celebrate 33rd Anniversary -With ‘One Mind’

By Bill W. Cooper
The Christian Interdenominational Assemblies (CHRIDA) Ministries has celebrated its 33rd anniversary with a grand commemorative event that showcased the Ministry’s commitment to spread the gospel across Liberia and into the outermost parts of the earth.
The milestone celebration, which ended with a joint service of all CHRIDA Ministries in Liberia held at the CHRIDA House of Testimony in Zubah Town, yesterday, October 1, 2023, drew a large number of enthusiastic members to honor the church’s inspiring journey.
This year’s anniversary is being celebrated under the theme: “Experiencing Advancement and Productivity through the Storm,” and from the texts: Isaiah 25:4 and Deuteronomy 31:6.
Throughout the anniversary celebration, the accomplishments of CHRIDA Ministries were also highlighted through a series of captivating activities, ranging from fast and prayer, praise service, sports day, and the thanksgiving service that further united the church.
In addition to the official program, the anniversary celebration also provided an opportune moment for CHRIDA Ministries’ members to reconnect and strengthen their bonds of fellowship, as the atmosphere was filled with joy and optimism.
The Ministries also recognized the invaluable contributions of church workers, pastors, and all those who, one way or the other, have supported the vision and aspiration of the Church since its establishment.
By acknowledging their dedication and willingness to serve, those individuals were applauded for their collaborative efforts that have bolstered the church’s mission and expanded its impact across some counties in Liberia, including other countries in Africa and even in the U.S.
Delivering the message, the Ministries’ General overseer, Aloysius W. Kpadeh, urged the members to portray a sense of “one mind”, thus driving home the collective responsibility to work together towards a common goal.
Rev. Kpadeh asserted, “Because the belief in unity and togetherness has been a cornerstone of CHRIDA Ministries since its inception, it is important for every member to continue to portray this principle in every aspect of his/her life.”
The CHRIDA GO further highlighted the significant achievements the church has accomplished over the past 33 years, adding, “From our humble beginnings as a small congregation in Ghana, CHRIDA Ministries has grown into a beacon of hope and transformation, working tirelessly to uplift individuals and communities through the preaching of the word of God.”
CHRIDA was founded years back in Ghana by some Liberian refugees who sought safety in that country as a result of the civil war in Liberia.
And since then, CHRIDA went on to establish several branches in and out of Liberia, as CHRIDA churches in Ghana are House of David, Buduburam; House of Greater Grace, Fetteh; House of Grace and Faith, Sanzole.
For Liberia, you have House of Joy, Pipeline, Monrovia; House of Testimony, Du-port Road, Paynesville; House of Zion, Dolo’s Town, Margibi; House of Power, Buchanan, Grand Bassa; House of Prayer, Zorzor, Lofa; House of Solution, St. Paul Bridge, Monrovia, and House of Missions, Gbarnga, Bong County.
CHRIDA Fellowships in Liberia are also as follows: Abundance Life, Dolo’s Town; House of Ugh, Dolo’s Town; House of Zion, Dolo’s Town; House of Jerusalem, Dolo’s Town; House of Dominion, Dolo’s Town; House of Fulfillment, Zorzor; House of Judah, Zorzor; House of Grace, Mt. Barclay; House of Favor, Johnsonville, and House of Glory, Mt. Barclay.
While in the United States of America (U.S.A.) is House of Wisdom and Fellowship, in Guinea is CHRIDA Irie.

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