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Chinese Contractor Accused Of Stealing

A Liberian businessman, Wilson T. Nyanneh, has accused a Chinese contractor, Hong Bo/Song of the Nature Building Inc. of duping him of over US$ 480, 000 to renovate Sun Coast Beach located in the Fish Market Community.
The Liberian businessman explained how he was duped but when contacted, through and in person interaction, Mr. Hong Bo/Song, he refused to comments until press time.
The accuser said, he entered a contractual agreement with the Chinese contractor, Bo/Song who charged him US$ 480,000 to carry out the renovation on the beach but he has since abandoned the project giving no reasons and all efforts to have him complete the job has failed.
The US$ 480,000 covers workmanship and the purchase of materials needed for the work and according to Businessman Nyanneh, “He was put under the impression that he needed the money to buy materials, so I paid him all and all the monies are traceable because I paid him through checks.”
In the contract dated September 15, 2021, the contractor was to provide all resources inclusive of Labor, management, supervision, tool, materials and equipment necessary for the production of for construction working.
As per the agreement, the contractor is required to work with the owner of the institution during the construction work to support the development of maintenance capacity through work process training and internships the respective facility management staff.
Mr. Nyanneh also told reporters that since Mr. Hong abandoned the project, he has written him through his lawyers requesting him to either return his money or complete his work but the contractor has ignored even the lawyers.
Also as part of efforts to find solution, Nyanneh said, he has written the Chinese Embassy in Monrovia calling on the Ambassador to intervene; since in fact, the individual involved is a Chinese national but efforts have been wasted to have the contractor commit to the agreement and as well as the Embassy of China has shown no interest.
In a letter of complaint dated March 4, 2022, Mr. Nyanneh informed the Chinese Ambassador accredited to Monrovia that, as per the contract between him and contractor Hong, the project should have completed on December 9, 2021 exclusive of Sundays and holidays and up to the time the complaint reached the Chinese Embassy, 50% of the work had not been completed.
Mr. Hong is also accused of purchasing sub-standard materials despite being advised by the client’s personal engineer against using such materials.

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