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China Embassy Donates Motorcycle To Inquirer

By Alex Yomah

In an effort to empower the Liberian media, the People’s Republic of China through its Embassy near Monrovia over the weekend donated one Galaxy Motorcycle to the Inquirer Newspaper Management.

Scores of media institutions under the Liberia-China media team benefited recently from Chinese media empowerment scheme in Liberia.

Aside from strengthening the ties between Liberia and China and enhancing mobility of journalists, China is also building the media capacity and donating computers aimed at empowering the media.

In a WhatsApp communication to the Inquirer, the Chinese media contact wrote,” The Embassy is donating one motorcycle to the Inquirer, which is China’s old media friend.”

The Embassy said the donation is China’s own way of supporting the media to enhance the institution’s work during these times of the coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.

The statement further noted that the donation is also intended to further enhance the Chinese Embassy’s relationship which stems from the China-Liberia Media Team.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle was received by Inquirer’s senior reporter, Alex Yomah from Barry Mutaga in Congo Town on Friday, September 17, 2021, with thanks and appreciation to the Embassy for such philanthropic gesture.

“On behalf of my boss, Atty. Philip Wesseh who is not in the country and the Acting Managing Editor, C. Winnie Jimmy, who is also out of the country on an official duty, we want to say we are grateful for the donation,” Journalist Yomah said.

He assured that the donation will indeed be used for its intended purpose.

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