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Chief Council Wants Law To Prosecute Witches In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Nimba County’s Traditional Chief Council Chairperson, Peter Gbalun, is appealing to the House of Representatives to pass a law to prosecute anybody accused of being a witch or wizard and those engaged in a secret society designed to kill innocent people in the country.Chief Gbalun justified that the increase in witchcraft couple with bad traditional medicine designed for wicked deeds is due to the government’s failure to pass specific laws that will deal with such issues across the country.
Chief Gbalun further disclosed to this paper that top officials of secret society are in the constant habit of recruiting children to form part of their wick deeds intended to destroy innocent people in the county.
According Chief Gbalun, the confession of children in alleged witchcraft acts and the killing of innocent people with bad traditional medicines in the dark world are common in many towns and villages in and around Nimba County and that needs the intervention of the central government.
The chairperson of the Traditional Chief Council made the statement during a recent visit in Gbedin Town in Camp 3 where several persons were accused of being witches hooked by a zoe from the Republic of Ivory Coast.
Since the beginning of 2019, the reports of the recruitment of secret society members in Buu- Yao in electoral district # 5 and in electoral district # 6 in the Town of Gblor Kweepea have risen serious concerns in the county.
According to report from electoral district 3 6, in early 2018, over 30 men were hooked for allegedly being engaged in the practices of a secret society in Gblor Kweepea Town and turned over to Clan Chief Peter Vehn in Gblor Dialah Town.
Report from the electoral district # 6 in the Town of Gblor Kweepea also pointed accusing fingers at the Clan Chief for allegedly collecting from the 30 accused secret society members LD 3,000 to set them free without turning them over to the Traditional Chief Council for prosecution according to tradition.

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