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‘Change Behaviors Towards The Environment’ …Climate Activists Implore

A group of climate Activists under the banner “Climate Activists Association of Liberia,” (CAAL) is pushing for a collective human effort to save the living environment for all species.
They said, it is the moral obligations of all inhabitants under the climate to ensure the survival and sustainability of the planet so that the next expected generation will have its own space to make lively accomplishments.
Speaking recently along the Robert Field Highway where the group conducted an awareness providing information on climate and other issues to the public, the Founder of the Climate Activist Association of Liberia Abubakar Kromah disclosed that without human support and contribution towards taking robust action to save the planet, the survival of life is nearly impossible.
“Without the support of human contribution towards this action, it is possible that humanity, as a whole, will be unable to survive on this planet for long,” Kromah emphasized.
Statistically, he averred that the majority of the damages done to the environment is through human choices, stating that it is only through better, restorative choices that can aid the planet to see a shift in its well-being plus the well-being of humanity as well.
“Therefore, it is our responsibility to change our behavior and learn to improve upon our actions toward the environment,” he added.
The activist intimated that the awareness messages to the people were about the best ways to proactively take steps in the right direction to have the public becoming more environmentally conscious.
Kromah said, “By understanding what impact our actions have on the environment and behaving differently we will help to save not only the planet but humanity as a whole.”
He called on others to join the organization on raising awareness on simple things the public needs to know about saving the environment.
“These are simple ways to save the planet and the climate reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to cut down on what you throw away; volunteer for cleanups in your community, Join the awareness to educate more people; plant a tree and many more,” he said. The awareness brought together activists from various environmental organizations, and community leaders including women and youth to discuss key areas of climate change and environmental protection.
According to CAAL the awareness also created an avenue for community and youth leaders to celebrities with people from diverse backgrounds creating passion in joining the fight against climate change and working to have a sustainable environment.

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