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Chambers Wants
Better Output For Liberia

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has pushed the need to concomitantly tailor Liberia’s nascent democracy and its economy.
Dr. Chambers says the account of history and other happenings in the world, has informed his thoughts, that there cannot be a good democracy in a bad economy.
Dr. Chambers spoke recently at his Capitol Building office when the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a US congressional-backed civic organization working in Liberia paid a courtesy visit aimed at working with the Legislature in enhancing democratic values and practices.
The visit was led by NDI consultant Mr. Leo Platvoet, amongst others.
The Speaker averred that a bad economy is a threat to any promising democracy and therefore calls on multilateral and bilateral partners of Liberia to engage the country based on its democratic values and credentials and to also consider Liberia’s challenges in its economy.
The Speaker said Liberia looks forward to widening its trade with other economies of the world, noting that Liberia has several other resources for commercialization that other economies can tap on for mutual benefits, ranging from gold, diamonds, forestry, fishery, iron ore, etc.
Speaker Chambers noted that under his stewardship at the House of Representatives, a specialized committee named the Economic Reconstruction Committee was setup up a few years ago and has since been working to find ways and means to make the Liberian economy better.
“When the economy is better, more people get jobs. Hunger is alleviated. The people will think better and make good choices and decisions in their democratic endeavors or practices,” Dr. Chambers intoned.

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