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Chambers Elects New Corps Of Officers –As President Promises Economic Reform

By Bill W. Cooper
The acting leadership of the Liberia Chambers of Commerce (LCC) over the weekend elected and swore into office a new leadership to steer the affairs of the Chambers for the ensuing year.
The inauguration of the leadership of the LCC was held on Friday, November 27, during its 69th Annual General meeting at the LCC office in Monrovia, as the Managing Partner of the Pierre, Tweh and Associates Law Firm, Cllr. Natu Oswald Tweh won the presidency on a ‘white ballot.’
The chambers’ one day election, chaired and conducted by the Chambers’ former President, Mr. Monie R. Captan, brought together several members of the Chambers, as the newly inducted leadership will be replacing Mr. Wendell Addy’s leadership, having served the Chambers in the same capacity.
During the election, the 12 members that were also elected along with Cllr. Tweh as the Chambers’ Executive Council, include Ms. Veda Simpson, Quidiyou Farms; Ms. Laureine Guilao, CEO of TipMe Liberia; Mr. Rabin Charif; Mr. Ahmed Wazni, African Motors; Mr. Charles Collins, Jafain Consortium Inc.; Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Connex Group; Dr. Nelson Oniyama, Monrovia Breweries; Mr. Tony Hage, Consolidated African Trading Company; Abraham Karsie, Prestige Motors; Mr. Jaspal Singh, Supreme Liberia and Mr. Rajkumar Chandraskar, Kris Int’l.
Mr. O. Natty B. Davis, Devin Corporation, Sannoh and Partners, Mr. Nathaniel E. Kevin, Norfolk Group of Companies, and Mr. Gobah A. Anderson, Youth Service Corp, were also elected on the Arbitration committee, and Mr. Oliver Rogers of Abi Jaoudi was elected as Auditor of the Chambers on a ‘white ballot’ also.
Addressing scores of members upon his victory, the Chambers newly inducted president; Cllr. Natu Oswald Tweh lauded the acting leadership for the smooth and transparent election and assured members of the Chambers of his commitment in collaborating with other elected members to enhance the effectiveness of the Chambers.
Cllr. Tweh stressed that his leadership will work tirelessly in order to help boost the role of the business community for the growth of the country’s economy, stating that Liberia has a serious economic problem.
According to him, to help get on the path of sustainable economic recovery; they will have to review their current economic policy and endeavor to make the necessary changes, including creating a strong awareness in the society about the Chambers’ roles and functions as well as try to foster and cement the relationship with the government, African Union, ECOWAS and other international partners, which includes the Pan-African Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of the West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
He added, “It is sad to note that our solution has been a short term one for our problems that led to doing more of the same. And when you continue to do things the same way and you expect a different result, you are mistaken, because you will always get the same result.”
The LCC president however assured that under his administration, he will provide and try to enhance the existing networking opportunities for businesses in the country, thus commended the staff of the entity and said his intent and desire is to partner with the government in propelling economic growth.
“We will aggressively solicit private investment in Liberia, which we all know is much needed. We will endeavor to talk and encourage members to talk to foreign businessmen and explore areas where Liberian businesses can cooperate and participate, enhance their abilities and open new export markets, while encouraging the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy,” Cllr. Tweh averred.
Meanwhile, the various inducted executive committee members including other members of the LCC overwhelmingly pledging the wavering and unflinching support to the new president of the chambers.
LCC is a local organization of businesses and companies with the purpose of developing and advancing the interests of Liberia’s private sector. Its membership comprises of local and international companies operating in Liberia, including property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, media, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, ICT firms, as well as electronics manufacturers, among others.
The LCC’s main objectives are the safeguarding of business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests, contact with governments, civil society, the press and organizing of trade shows and events.

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