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CENTAL Wants Gov’t Prioritize
Anti-Corruption Issues

By Precious D. Freeman
The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) is calling on President George M. Weah to prioritize Governance and Anti-Corruption if his quest for infrastructure development must be achieved.
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, the Executive Director for CENTAL Anderson D. Miamen mentioned that without a robust and impartial fight against corruption the government will not succeed in delivering on its promises, especially achievement of deliverables and targets contained in the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.
According to him, CENTAL is deeply concerned about the numerous allegations of corruption reported, which have been the ability to undermines public confidence in the governance process and cast dark cloud over government commitment to lead a robust and an inclusive and impartial fight against the vice in Liberia, including the saga involving officials of the National Election Commission (NEC), the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and the head of special projects in the office of the President.
Mr. Miamen mentioned that if the war against Corruption and bad governance must be won in Liberia then all must get involved, especially ordinary citizens whose voices, actions and national leaders to at all time exhibit high degree of accountability, transparency and integrity in their dealings.
He added that CENTAL is concerned about the conspicuous silence of President Weah over recent happenings in the Anti-Corruption fight in Liberia.
“there have been barrage of allegations and counter allegations of corruption, bribery, conflict of interest and other malpractices involving officials and public institutions and the President has opted to remain perpetually mute on such troubling trends that tend to send a gloomy picture of the government’s commitment to fight tint the country’s image locally and internationally” he said.
CENTAL boss maintained that the trending corruption allegations at NEC, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs involving the Coordinator of Special Project, the designation of an ally of the President and Nimba County Senator, the National Port Authority and LACC Vice Chairperson including the Ministry of Agriculture require the urgent attention of the President.
“These increasing allegations of corruption and financial improprieties involving public officials are becoming embarrassingly troubling and the President failure to publicly speak out is seriously concerning” he stated.
Mr. Miamen added that the unresponsiveness and noncompliance to the rule of law is the overwhelming cause for public officials to remain unbending in their clandestine acts, which however has been one of the major challenges to pervasive corruption.
He disclosed that CENTAL is of the conviction that making known his position and the government’s stance on any act of corruption by public officials and demand for adherence to the rule of law would help deter officials from engaging in such act.
CENTAL boss continued that the perpetual silence of the President on these grave allegations of corruption and the increased culture of impunity seen under his administration do not commensurate with the government professed commitment to fighting the menace in Liberia.
“We also believe that the President and his government will only manifest the professed commitment to the fight by ensuring that impartially and timely prosecuting those accused of corruption, fully implementing recommendations of audits and other investigative reports, timely filling of long-standing vacancies at public integrity institutions, providing adequately funding to public integrity institutions, absolute compliance with the rule of law among others”, he said.
Meanwhile, CENTAL appreciates the President for his incessant quest to construct and rehabilitate road, build housing units, and address other infrastructure deficits of the country.

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