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Cemenco Opens Sub Office In Ganta

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
Liberia Cement Corporation, during the weekend opened its sub office in Gumpa, Nimba County.
During the formal opening ceremony, Robert Marshall, Sales Manager of the company said that the sub office will deal mainly with distributors who have registered businesses and have license as distributors like block makers doing cement business in central Liberia as well as in the Southeastern region of the country.
He said the central office will help to strengthen the business community in dealing with the company to transact businesses in the sector. The ceremony brought together Gumpa City Mayor Amos G. Suah, officers of the LNP, staff of CEMENCO and the members of the fourth estate assigned in the district.
Speaking on the same issue, Vivian Joe Samoli, Sales Manager, explained that CEMENCO’s management has established good working relationship with its customers in the 15 counties of Liberia by opening sub offices to help them relate with the central office in Monrovia.
Speaking in separate remarks, Manoj Jha, Technical Director, explained that CEMENCO is now producing three different kinds of cement on the Liberia market.
He named 32. 5, 42. 5 and 52. 5 respectively.
According to Director Jha, the 32. 5 is mostly used to do minor construction work like plastering of a building that contains few bedrooms, while the 42. 5, and 52. 5 are used to build bridges that can withstand for heavy objects to pass over them.
Speaking on behalf of the citizens of Ganta, Mayor Amos G. Suah thanked CEMENCO’s administration for opening a sub office in Ganta at this crucial time of the country, adding that the sub office will undoubtedly strengthen the cement industry in the country.
Mayor Suah further called on CEMENCO to do likewise in the nine electoral districts in the county to promote the government’s Pro-poor Agenda in the country.

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