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CDC Wants Verdier Extradited For Questioning

By Alex Yomah

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), calls on the Ministry of Justice to request the US Government to turn Jerome Verdier over the Liberian authorities for interrogation.

The CDC said it is concerned about recent comments made by the former TRC Commissioner in which he linked several officials of the party to the murder at Cllr. Scott’s residence.   

According to the leadership of the governing political party, Verdier should be extradited back home to be investigated for what it termed as ‘insightful comments.’

The party’s National Chairperson, Mulbah K Morlu, having condemned the recent attack on the home of Justice Gloria Musu Scott, said it is unfortunate that some politicians and adversaries of the government are using the tragic events to score political points.

He expressed that from the perspective of CDC, Liberians are being urged to respect the family of Justice Scott and to sympathize with them during this devastating period of their grief and avoid politicizing the tragic events.

The CDC also called on the Ministry of Justice, the Liberian National Police and all security entities to join forces and deploy their best resources to speedily, fairly, and adequately conduct an investigation in this matter.

“While the investigation is ongoing, we appeal to all Liberians, especially our fellow citizens in the opposition, to desist from making false claims that the unfortunate acts were the results of the failure of the government to provide protection and are effort to witch-hunt adversaries. This is far from the truth. The administration of President George Weah does not have one political prisoner and have never engaged in political witch-hunting,” Morlu stated. 

Morlu further said in the wake of these tragic events, there are unscrupulous individuals in foreign countries, who make outlandish, baseless and unsubstantiated claims about Liberia and senior officials of Liberia, amongst other,

“We believe that the sole intent of these outrageous comments is to instigate chaos, spread falsehood, and ferment instability especially towards the 2023 general and Presidential elections. We call upon foreign governments where these accusations are being fomented especially in those countries, which have contributed hugely to our political democratic, infrastructure, and economic development to be aware of the potential danger these unfounded claims can impact our domestic stability,” Morlu averred.     

According to the CDC, their standard bearer is an epitome of peace and reconciliation who, in his entire lifetime, has busy himself with putting smiles on the faces of his people while espousing the rights of everyone to freely express themselves and associate.

“To circumvent these hallmark attributes of the regime which has kept Liberia on a steady course democratically is disingenuous, selfish, and unpatriotic,” Morlu stated.

Morlu described the act been spewed against the CDC as a political ploy crafted to weaken Weah-led government and put the masses against key actors within the system.

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