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CDC Locks Down Monrovia -As Weah Rallies Liberians Ahead Of October 10 Polls

By Bill W. Cooper

In an impressive display of support and enthusiasm, thousands of Liberians from all walks of life on Thursday, September 7, 2023, turned out in large numbers to attend the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) campaign launch in Liberia.

The event, held in multiple locations throughout the country, marked a significant milestone for the CDC in the upcoming general elections, as well as showcased the party’s popularity among the Liberian population. The CDC, led by its charismatic leader and presidential candidate, George M. Weah, organized an electrifying series of campaign rallies that captivated Liberians from the capital city of Monrovia to the rural areas of the country.

The campaign launch aimed to not only mobilize the party’s base, but also attract new supporters and undecided voters in support of the CDC’s one round victory vision on October 10 of this year.

Our reporter, who was on the scene, said the enthusiastic atmosphere was contagious, as supporters waved party flags, donned party colors, and chanted slogans expressing their unwavering commitment to the CDC cause and the reelection of President Weah.

The CDC, which is a coalition of three political parties, namely, the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), has positioned itself as a beacon of hope and change for the Liberian people, promising a better future for all citizens.

The campaign launch’s events were meticulously planned, ensuring maximum reach and engagement in various regions of the 15 political subdivisions of the country. From bustling marketplaces to open fields, the CDC campaign team successfully reached out to people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, appealing to their aspirations and addressing their concerns.

During the launch, at the famous Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia, where candidates from the CDC’s slate, including those vying for legislative positions, were in attendance, President George M. Weah took to the stage, delivering an impassioned speech that resonated with the crowd. The Liberian leader spoke about the party’s vision for a prosperous Liberia, emphasizing the need for national unity, economic development, improved infrastructure, and social welfare programs, if given the second mandate.

The CDC Standard Bearer, who bragged that he has achieved more than any other Liberian President in their first term, also called on Liberians to see the need to renew his mandate to enable him continue that which he has already started.

This he said, “Don’t mind the opposition because they don’t have anything to show. But for me, my work is visible and I can assure you of more of these developments if you renew the mandate given me five years ago.”

Meanwhile, the CDC campaign launch also saw the strong presence of women and the youth, representing a significant portion of the attendees, expressing their confidence in the CDC’s ability to address issues such as gender equality, education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

Beyond the crowds and speeches, the crowd further showcased the party’s commitment to grassroots organization and mobilization, as the massive turnout and the overwhelming display of support signaled a shifting political landscape, with the CDC emerging as a formidable force in the upcoming elections.

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