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CDC Initiates Collaboration With MOVEE For 2023 Elections

The National Chairperson of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Mulbah K. Morlu has disclosed that conversations are being initiated with the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) about the possibility of collaboration for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

According to Chairman Morlu, both MOVEE and CDC are working toward the same goal, which is to improve the living conditions of the Liberian people.

The ruling party’s chairperson stated that in the coming days he will work to formalize the relationship with MOVEE, stating, “When a man wants to marry into a family, he has to go to the family. He cannot say that because I make more money than the girl’s father or because I am taller than he is; you must go there and tell the family that you want their daughter, even if it means sitting on the grounds. It does not imply that you are helpless. We are the ones that need you even more. We will come to your officers to sit with you and discuss.”

Meanwhile, CDC’s Secretary General Jefferson Koijee said he was thankful to God for sparing the life of MOVEE’s political leader to see another birthday, despite the many challenges of life.
The Mayor of Monrovia said he sees the Foreign Minister as his father and leader, which is why he has always stood by him.

He said the CDC stands with those who prioritize the welfare of the Liberian people, as he called on other officials of government to emulate the good example of Minister Kemayah, whom he said is working in the interest of the Liberian people.

Mayor Koijee wants presidential appointees to exemplify the attributes and good examples of President George Manneh Weah, whom he said is an employee of the people.

“We have come to appreciate you and to send out a message to our friends in government that now is the time that we work together collectively for the good of the people of Liberia,” he said.

MOVEE’s Political Leader said he was grateful to God and thankful to both Chairman Morlu and Mayor Koijee for their kind works, and he pledged his everlasting commitment to President Weah and the CDC government.

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