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CDC Announces TRUST FUND For Rape Victims

..Take Exception To NEC Ruling

By Alex Yomah
The governing party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has announced Trust Fund intended to eradicate rape incidents and to boost support for victims of sexual assault in Liberia.
Making the disclosure late Wednesday, Mulbah Morlu, the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change welcomed President George Weah’s recent call on all actors to join the fight against rape and the SGBV, emphasizing that rape is a serious issue that needs to be weeded out of the society.
In support of the fight against the Sexual Gender Based Violence and to buttress the President’s calls; the CDC has created both LD and USD accounts in Afriland Bank and dedicated to supporting victims of rape and sexual assaults.
“Under this program, the party will assist with needed support to help victims receive psychological counseling, work with other stakeholders to acquire needed legal assistance, health care, etc. for deserving victims,” Morlu stated.
“In appreciation and response to the President’s national call, the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change has taken additional steps to name a CDC Special Legal Taskforce comprising a team of lawyers prepared to provide prosecutorial support and defense of victims of rape in a court of competent jurisdiction, ensuring that no one irrespective of status, rapes a girl-child or boy-child with impunity,” Morlu stated further.
“In this way, the party hopes a clear and concise message of zero-tolerance would have been sent to all members of the tripartite Coalition for Democratic Change and Liberians in general against the clear and present danger of sexual violence, which must never be tolerated, no matter who’s involved,” Morlu added.
Morlu then called on all its partisans to support this initiative as an institutional emergency determined to protect the young girls and boys who’re the future and lifeline of the nation.
Meanwhile, the ruling Coalition has taken exception to the National Elections’ rule against the party involving legal battle between two of its partisans contesting on the party’s ticket in Maryland.
Dan Morias, the incumbent sought legal interpretation in the coalition’s agreement that says only incumbent reserve the rights to conduct the primary but contrarily, Senator Morais said, CDC conducted inclusive primaries, something he termed as gross violation of the coalition’s agreement.
But Ruling CDC in response said the Elections Commission did not specifically name any individual as having right to the seat for the Coalition for Democratic Change and so the party excepted to the ruling on grounds that said ruling contradicts the framework agreement that binds the three parties and earlier rulings of the Elections Commission. The Coalition has therefore appealed to the Supreme Court.
“We call on all our partisans to continue the field work across the country supportive of all the Coalition candidates duly certificated as a result of the Coalition primaries conducted,” Morlu urged.
“Lastly, the Coalition for Democratic Change calls on all its partisans across the country to remain focused and fully engaged with all delegated tasks and obligations in line with the party’s victorious agenda towards December,” Morlu said.
“In conclusion, the party reassures all members, especially supporters and sympathizers, especially in Maryland that only Coalition members are eligible to contest on the Coalition ticket in the pending Senatorial Election to be held on December 8,” Morlu concluded.

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