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‘Catholic Brother’ Reported Missing -Family Members Frown on Release of Suspect

By Alex Yomah
The father of a 38- year old man, Dominic Renner, has frowned on the release of Cheeseman Cole, a former AFL personnel police investigator termed as prime suspect without the knowledge of the missing man’s family.
Mr. Emmanuel Renner, father of Dominic Renner told this paper yesterday during an interview that his son reportedly went missing, September 24 of this year and disgustingly, the prime suspect has been released from Court custody when his son is yet to be found.
Mr. Cheeseman Cole was arrested and jailed by police authority following thorough investigation into circumstances surrounding the missing man’s personal communications.
But the father of the missing man has expressed regret, nothing that nothing too could come out of it for the fact that the prime suspect has been released on bail without the knowledge of the family.
Mr. Renner Sr. alleged that City Court in Grand Bassa County allowed the suspect to be released by his lawyer on bail when all evidence adduced to investigators including call logs accounts have shown that Mr. Cheeseman Cole, the former AFL personnel number was seen on the missing man’s call logs between 3: 35 p.m.
“A little boy arrested with Mr. Cole called Emmanuel Tarpeh told investigators that he saw Dominic Renner in Mr. Cole’s yard, even though, the suspect is still denying his connection despite all of the evidences including the call logs account,” the father narrated.
Explaining how his son got missing, Mr. Renner said, on the 24th of September, Dominic Renner [his Son] drove to Monrovia to do his Covid-19 test. Noting that his son was assigned in Gbarnga with the St. Mathew Catholic Church and he was picking up an assignment to be reassigned in Ghana, so he came down to Monrovia to do a Covid-19 test and after doing the test, he stopped by at the Ministry of Health to see him.
Since then, Mr. Renner said his son left on the 24 of September, has not be seen until a strange number called him saying that Dominic Renner was killed and his lifeless body was thrown into the St. John River in Buchanan.
He is however calling on the public to join him in search of making sure that what is happening in Liberia be averted, noting that government’s institution that is responsible to ensure justice is not, according the family.
“In fact, persons arrested along with suspects confirming that they all saw Chessman Cole with the suspect with his missing son in his yard on the Robertsfield Highway, yet the police allowed the suspect to be released,” he said.
Mr. Ernest Donyon, a close friend of the missing man alleged that the Catholic Church is playing a passive role instead of joining the family and friends who are in search of the man’s whereabouts.
“Dominic and other friends whom are members of the Catholic faith are friends and we were all striving to be priests. We expect more from the Church,” he said.
In response to the allegation of the Catholic Church playing passive role in the search for Dominic Renner, the church through Father Dennis denied report of playing passive role.
He said, the missing young man is a Liberian, before even becoming a member of the Catholic Church, contrary to claim, the church through the Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) is monitoring the case keenly.

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