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Caldwell Residents Living In Fear
-Crave Government’s Attention

By Alex Yomah
A senior administrator of the Voyou Estate in Upper Caldwell, Decontee Davis, has expressed fear due to the ways, and manners in which Omaru Sheriff, alias D.O.C and his gang are causing serious panic for Caldwell community dwellers unable to sleep soundly and even walk around for fear of being harmed by Sheriff’s hoodlums.
Decontee Davis who walked into this newsroom yesterday expressed serious panic and restlessness in the community dwellers and added that Omaru Sheriff is currently languishing at the Monrovia Central Prison, while some remnants of his gang are still on their usual criminal spree.
“What’s going on is that we have a fellow named Omaru-Sheriff alias D.O.C and what he normally does with a group of gangsters behind him goes about encroaching on people’s land,” she alleged.
She further alleged that there were seven gangsters that were listed by the Court but the court only arrested Umaru Sheriff and few of his colleagues and most of them listed on the Charge Sheet to be arrested are the ones who are instilling fear in the community at night.
Madam Davis used the occasion to tell the government that all is not well in Caldwell especially in Upper Caldwell.
“If you want to go on your property, Omaru Sheriff will take it from you and when you resist, he will hire some of his gangsters to cut off some parts of your fresh. About two Sundays ago, we went on the Voyou Estate and a lady who had just returned from the United States of America, Victoria Nyenkan was also attacked by Omaru and his gangsters,” she alleged.
While in that frustrating state, Omaru called some of his men and broke it down. So while in the process, called one police officer named Benjamin 12 went to the scene and took some photos while on his way back home, he was engaged by a group of zogos hired by Omaru Sheriff in which he was severely beaten with an ear cut off.
She is therefore calling on government to pay attention to the Upper Caldwell belt-noting that the gang-group continue to flog peaceful citizens for their lands.
For instance, recently, a lady that returned from United States of America Victoria Nyenka went on her land where she is carrying on a project and while in the process, the gang leader, Omaru Sherriff interacted with her, claiming that her land belongs to him.
At that juncture, Victoria threatened to invite a life-enforcement officer and when she brought an officer of the Liberia National Police, he was severely flogged and his ear cut off.
The Court had since called for the arrest of the following defendants including Omaru Sheriff, Ben Mulbah, Humphrey Sorilba, Sekou Kamara, Bencole Mulbah, and FK Jefferson Chester to be investigated and subsequently charged with the criminal offenses such as Criminal Conspiracy, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Theft of Property which are in violation of Chapter 10, 14 and 15, section 10.1, section 10.4, Section 14.20, sub. Chapter C, section 15.32 and section 15.51 of the revised Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia during which time Friday Moore and others were wounded.

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