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Brother’s Killer Imprisoned

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Liberian National Police has sent a 23 years old man identified as Jeremiah Carr to the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly killing his brother Daniel Carr in the Caldwell Community.
Defendant Jeremiah was charged with the Crime of Murder in violation of Chapter 14, Sub Chapter’A’ Section 14.1 Revised Code of Law.
Defendant Jeremiah who internationally stabbed his oldest brother with a yellow and black color handle screwdriver on his left chest during confusion between both of them was turned over to the Crime Against Person Unit (CAPU) acquainted with his constitutional rights.
According to the investigation, the deceased accused the defendant’s mother-in-law of being a witch at their residence in Dixville, in the Caldwell Community in Monsterrado County on April 8, 2022.
The physical and external examination was conducted on the deceased by the 15-member coroner jurors for Monsterrado County, as well as a coroner and other crime scene investigators.
The physical examination said that the deceased was seen lying supine wearing a gray shirt and stripy colorful boxer with a single punctual wound on the left side of his chest.
According to the police in-depth investigation conducted to established facts and circumstances with led to the death,
Daniel’s whose unresponsive body was discovered was said to have gone into an argument concerning their father’s house and the investigation furthered that the Carr brothers are biological and therefore lived together in their father’s house but in separate rooms with their respective families.
Police investigative reports revealed that the argument all started between defendant Jeremiah and the deceased when his brother insisted that he leaves their father’s house and relocate somewhere else for accusing his mother-in-law of being a witch.
The investigation explained that while the deceased was sitting, defendant Jeremiah took a cutlass and ran to his elderly brother, the deceased to chopped him but was prevented by the deceased’s girlfriend and together they managed to take the cutlass from the defendant.
The investigation maintained that after few minutes when they all concluded that the matter was forgotten, the defendant surprisingly ran to his big brother and pull out a yellow and black screwdriver from his side and stabbed the deceased one time and fled the scene though he was arrested a week later.
The investigation established that after the crime was committed, the deceased was immediately rushed to the Redemption Hospital located New Kru Town in Bushrod Island where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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