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BRAC Drags Delinquent Customers To Police In Nimba

 By Solomon T. Gaye

BRAC dragged alleged delinquent customers to the police station in Ganta, Nimba County in demand of loan payments on November 16, 2023.

Speaking to the police, a guarantor, Orether Joseph, explained that the alleged failure of Pauline Flomo to pay back the money she credited is the cause of the action taken against her, which is also affecting her as a guarantor.

She furthered that she signed a guarantee bond for Pauline Flomo for L$90, 000 but the borrower does not want to settle her obligation with the office.

“When you don’t pay BRAC money on schedule, they will send people to your house to loot your house, ” Orether disclosed.

During a normal routine at the Police station, a group of young girls in business with BRAC were seen sitting on the prisoners’ bench as Police conducted investigations.

Speaking to CSD investigators board, Pauline Flomo admitted to being indebted to BRAC, something which, she said, wasn’t in her plans.

“The money in question was credited from BRAC and I paid part payment,” Pauline Flomo lamented.

This is the third delinquent customer to be dragged to the Police station in Ganta in less than three weeks by BRAC for an alleged failure to pay back loans.

“BRAC is not helping us, because when you take a loan, you pay every week, and when one week passes by you, they add interest on the money or take you to the police station and put you in jail,” said Yei Nyan, another of BRAC’s customers.

Speaking on behalf of the LMA, Madam Martha Paye called on the government to help marketers by providing loans that will help market women to do business.

“Every day, BRAC will carry people to Police station and give money to Police to put them in jail for not paying stipulated amount in one week” Mary Yeah revealed.

When this Paper contacted BRAC office in Ganta, the Supervisor for Ganta, Sanniquellie, and Karnplay regions, refused to speak, and referred the Paper to the branch manager.

When the branch manager was contacted, he remained tightlipped on the issue up to press time.

When this paper contacted the criminal investigation department at the Ganta Police Station, the Commander, Preston Gonpue, frowned at BRAC for bringing civil cases to Police for alleged refusal to pay back loans.

According to the police, BRAC is doing this to intimidate the customers, but the Police will not do that, on grounds that the case is a civil issue.

“We sent back the complainant and the defendant to go to court,” the senior LNP officer disclosed. 

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