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Boakai Implements Local Gov’t Act Through Employment

President Joseph Boakai has taken a significant step towards implementing the recently enacted Local Government Act through his appointments in Gbarpolu County.
The President’s decision followed a recent presentation from OK FM Manager, Clarence Jackson, in which he pointed out some wrongs in the nomination of local government officials across the country.
Journalist Jackson, among other things, stated that the 2018 Local Government Act changed the nomenclatures of certain county officials; for example, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs, as of the coming into effect of the Act, is called “County Finance Officer.”
Also, the Assistant Superintendent for Development is now called “County Development Officer,” disclosing that the government of former President George Weah failed to implement the Local Government Act, with a call that such must not be repeated by Boakai’s administration.
From all indications, it appears that President Boakai did listen to Jackson, and has already started implementing the Local Government Act, with a specific focus on the change of nomenclature for local county officials.
In his latest nomination of local government officials, the President has taken swift action to change the nomenclature of all local government officials mentioned in the Local Government Act.
Those appointed, in line with the Local Government Act in Gbarpolu County, are Sam K. Zinnah, Superintendent; James Kpoto Scott, County Administrative Officer; Howard P. Bunday, County Finance Officer, and Onagbah S. Mormalee, County Development Officer.
An Executive Mansion release added, “Furthermore, all local government positions published shall commensurate with the Local Government Act of 2018 to reflect the appropriate nomenclatures.”
The President further expressed his confidence in the new appointees and their ability to lead Gbarpolu County and the country at large with integrity, towards a brighter future, void of corruption and intimidation of citizens.
Meanwhile, several Liberians are now hailing President Boakai for ensuring that his local government appointments align with the country’s Local Government Act that was ignored by former President Weah, even though it was signed and passed during his administration.
According to them, the President’s decision also demonstrates his willingness and commitment to listen to the citizenry and media to take corrective steps, aimed at improving the governance process of the country.
They added that these appointments also mark a crucial milestone in the decentralization of power and resources in Liberia, as outlined in the Local Government Act, which aims to empower local governments to make decisions that directly impact their communities.

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