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Bishop Donyen
Rescues Dying Child

As the Bishop of the Independent Catholic Church Liberia (ICCL), Nimely Jacbokly Donyen continues to extend humanitarian gestures to families, communities in the country, little Emmanuel Sackie is the latest beneficiary of his benevolence.
Emmanuel Sackie, 1yr.6mounths recently fell in a pot of boiling water in the King Farm Community of Mount Barclay in Montserrado County thereby sustaining third degree burn.
Speaking at the SOS Medical Center in Congo Town during the week as he paid the medical bills of the kid, Bishop Donyen disclosed that his intervention came as the result of a terrible photo of the Child that was posted by one Pastor Moses Gray following his ordeal.
”The health condition of the child was bad and I immediately informed my partners as the CEO of the Compassion for Life (CFL) saw the deplorable condition of Emmanuel and agreed that CFL would underwrite the medical bills of the infant,” Bishop Donyen explained.
According to him, he then called Pastor Gray informing him that his partners have consented to help the kid so that they should carry the boy to the SOS medical center for his admittance saying that he is gratified for the timely intervention of the Compassion of Life (CFL) that has helped the kid to survive as well as Pastor Gray who sought for the assistance.
Bishop Donyen further stated that nobody can predict the future of a child, so parents need to keep keen watch on the movements of the children at homes including the communities, adding that they should keep them away from dangerous things like hot water, oil as well as wells, even holes that are being dug intended for septic tanks and that it should be properly covered when still under construction.
Responding to the gesture, Angeline Kollie, mother of little Emmanuel Sackie extended thanks and appreciation to Bishop Donyen and the Compassion for Life for their timely intervention that has indeed rescued her only son from death.
She said that the condition of her son was horrible following the incident saying that she did not believe that her son would have survived because the color of his eyes have changed and that he couldn’t even eat and looked pale.
” I left the boy with my grand mother and sister and I went in the bush in search of food for us but unfortunately my brother came running to call me that Emmanuel has fallen into a boiling water indicating that they usually set the water pot on the fire and heat it with fire woods which remains there for bath every day.
She further said that the water had boiled and the boy went in the kitchen and apparently stumped his toes and fell into the hot water pot while his chest, stomach and hand were in the water, and that the outer layer of his skin remained on his jacket while it was been removed from his body.
After the incident, she stated that if anybody holds the kid, his skin will remain on that person’s hand so they took the boy to James Davies Hospital but he was rejected based on the severity of his case and that she did not have money to take him to any other health center.
“So I carried him back home and started using traditional medicine where I bought cola nuts and burned it into dust and began rubbing it to the affected spots. Luckily for me Pastor Gray visited us after three days and promised to seek help for the boy,” she explained.
According to her, he contacted some people who promised to assist but they did not come to see the child as they waited on the schedule that was given them, but to no avail, adding that to her utmost surprise Pastor Gray called her after a week that Bishop Donyen has promised to assist the boy so we should take him to the SOS Hospital.
“I give praises to God that my son can walk and eat and also everybody who He blessed with the wisdom to administer the appropriate treatment that has led to this deserving result,” she said.

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