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Bishop Donyen Dedicates
Kpelleh Town Market

In an effort to provide additional space for the Kpelleh Town Junction Market, Bishop Nimely Jacbokly Donyen has dedicated a newly constructed annex to the market.
The program which marked the dedicatory ceremony was held over the weekend in the Township of Johnsonville in District # 2, Montserrado County.
Addressing the excited marketers, Bishop Donyen said that the superintendent of the market, Rose Ngakpe humbly asked God for the annex and that He has positively responded to the request so he urged them to maintain and use it for the intended purpose.
He described the project as the fulfillment of the Bible which says “There is time for everything under heaven and earth” saying in 2017, he solicited funds from his friends in order to help the women for the construction of their market as they were craving for assistance but some people did not allow him to do so.
According to him, Superintendent Ngakpe asked him recently to build an annex to their market, then he realized that it was the time for him to work with the marketers so he appealed to his friends and they provided the funds for the project.
“I thank God for providing the money to my friends which is helping the needy in Liberia,” he indicated.
He told the marketers that their request for a warehouse is good; adding that he has a plan for a project when implemented would seal the entire market structures so that every marketer would leave all their commodities in the building after their daily sales and go the next day where they will meet all their goods intact.
He then promised that the project is also intended to provide cold storages in various markets as well as make goods available for all marketers to have the opportunity of purchasing. That means elevating the challenges that they encounter when it comes to acquiring goods for sales.
Bishop Donyen then disclosed plans that he will soon embark upon the construction of a footpath bridge in the community so as to create the free movements of people in the area.
He however applauded Senator Saah Joseph for the construction of the market at the time the women were seriously in need of a place to do their businesses.
Responding to the gesture, Superintended Ngakpe lauded Bishop Donyen for his timely intervention stressing that they were in an urgent need of an annex owing to the fact that some of their colleagues have come to join them due to the unfavorable relocation to the Red-Light Market.
According to her, the Bishop of the Independent Catholic Church of Liberia (ICCL) has also been providing micro loan the marketers at low interest rate of ten percent pointing out he carried out sanitation service on premises of the market when it was overwhelmed by stock piled of garbage that polluted the community
“Bishop Donyen is always prepared to come to our aid in times of need,” she intoned.
She then commended Colonel Jimmy Smith who she stated assisted them during the initial stage of the construction and Senator Saah Joseph for building the structure and solicited assistance for a warehouse to be constructed for them.
For his part, the County Superintendent for marketing affairs (LMA), David Weah extolled Bishop Donyen for the positive initiatives that he has been carrying out in the district.
He said marketers and children have certain things in common that, they do not forget about someone who will come to their aid or give them something stating that marketers are placed in three categories: widows, single parents while others do not have husbands or have reached retirement age, and as a result the families’ survival is dependent upon the activities of the market women, and because of that, they will never forget about those who helped along the way.
Boakai Balo, the acting Deputy manager for administration of LMA who represented Madam Elizabeth Sambola the president of the LMA informed the gathering that his boss lady told him that she has been getting information relative to the humanitarian services that the Bishop has been rendering to marketers thus making them happy and encouraged him not to relent in his humanitarian gestures to the needy.

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