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Bility Vows To Resign, If…

By Bill W. Cooper
Liberty Party (LP) embattled Chairperson, Musa Bility, has vowed to resign his chairmanship if it is evidently proven that he altered the party’s 2021 constitution as being spewed in the public.
Chairman Bility however challenged his accusers to show proof of the allegation being levied against him, noting that the confusion within the LP is not about whether or not the constitution was altered instead, it is about individual power versus collective powers.
Speaking to OK FM recently, Chairman Bility, among other things, pointed out that the allegation levied against him is a concocted lie intended to tarnish his reputation, emphasizing that everyone has the right to influence the party’s decision; which is part of the democratic process.
According to him, as standard bearer wanting to be president of the LP, it is understandable to certain degree of authority, but stated that in an instant where there is no presidential candidate in the party, the LP, when making decision, has to do it with the highest decision making body of the party.
He indicated, “If you go to the NEC and they give you different copy of the constitution from what we have in our possession, I will call and resign as chairman of the Liberty Party.”
When quizzed as to if he would subject himself to the investigative committee setup by the party’s political leader to probe the allegation, Mr. Bility stated that the LP’s standard bearer has no such authority to do so.
The LP chairperson intoned that instead of a committee being setup by Sen. Karnga-Lawrence to probe the allegation, the party’s Grievance and Ethics committee is already investigating the allegation raised against him.
Meanwhile, Montsderrado County Senator, Darius Dillon, has stated that his party’s chairperson is now manifesting what he (Dillon) termed as “crook.”
Dillon, who is the Party’s Vice-chair for Political Affairs told an online platform the ‘SK TV’ on Tuesday that chairman Bility has now shown his true color to the world, something he stated that himself had never knew when Mr. Bility was elected as chairperson of the party.
He added that Mr. Bility, a close ally to President Weah, wants to ensure that the LP goes to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ahead of the 2023 election with the intent of solidifying the Liberian leader’s quest for reelection.

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