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BFF Outlines Threats To Regional Peace, Stability In Africa

Better Future Foundation (BFF), a non-state actor for the regional integration of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), through its Chief Executive Officer, Augustine Arkoi, has cautioned that the conspicuous silence and inaction of the African Union (AU) to vigorously enforce full adherence to Chapter 23.5 of the African Charter on Democracy, Governance and Elections, is primarily responsible for the recent waves of military coups and other unconstitutional power grabs in Africa.
On September 5, 2021, a military Junta staged a coup in the West African state of Guinea, dethroning incumbent President Alpha Conde who was serving a controversial third term after amending the Guinean constitution. This was after similar coup d’état which occurred in neighboring Mali in May this year during which President Bah Ndaw was overthrown by the military.
Following the coup in Guinea, Liberia’s President, George Manneh Weah, just as another regional civil society advocacy group, Partners for Democracy and Good Governance (PdG), called on leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to enforce the abolition of constitution amendments in member countries for third term tenures by incumbent Heads of State as a mechanism to prevent coup d’états and unconstitutional power grabs in the sub-region.
BFF, while strongly condemning any form of military coup, coupled with military’s involvement in politics, concurs with President Weah’s call, noting that “The Liberian President’s pronouncement is indeed an assurance for sustaining peace and democratic governance in the West African sub-region and beyond.”
Serving as a keynote Speaker at a program marking the celebration of International Day of Peace on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, in Brewervlle, Montserrado County, the BFF CEO indicated that by his call, President Weah has not only defended his democratic credentials, but also explicitly assured that no 3rd term tenure or elections rigging, will be tolerated under his presidency.
The Liberian civil society campaigner reiterated that changing presidential tenures amid vehement protests and opposition is a recipe for coup d’états and unconstitutional power grabs which should be drastically discouraged within ECOWAS Member countries, and in the African continent.
The BFF President maintains that Article 23.5. of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (DEG) prohibits any amendment or revision of the constitution or legal instruments that constitute “an infringement on the principles of democratic change of government” or “constitutional coup d’état.”
The BFF President quoted Article 154 of the Guinean Constitution as saying “the number and the duration of the mandates of the President of the Republic may not be made the object of a revision.”
Similarly, he said, Article 55 of the new Ivorian Constitution prohibits more than two terms of office: “The President of the Republic is elected for five years by direct universal suffrage. He may be re-elected only once.” Contrary to this provision, Alassane Ouattara changed the constitution, rewarding himself a 3rd term presidency, which is also in violation of Article 23.5 of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections & Governance, the BFF Chief Executive Officer told the gathering of over 200 peace and rights activists.
The BFF President referenced Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that “Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives,” and Article 3 sections (c), (f), (g) and (h) of the Lome Declaration that calls for promotion of peace, security, popular participation, good governance, political and socio-economic integration.

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