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BEA Mountain Trains More Women As Specialized Drivers

Over 75 percent of the employees who underwent training as specialized drivers at the Bea Mountain Mining Company in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County are said to be females.
Among those females trained are Julee William, Bendu Ware, Hawa Kiadi, Bendu Konowah and Ester Jacob while others are Jartu Freeman, Miatta Fahnbulleh, Kemah Bush and Zanib Nya.
The exercise according to the Government and Community Relations Manager, Alpaslan Ozbilge, was intended to give 80 employees additional skills, which will make them useful citizens.
The training on operating machines like Komatsu trucks, excavator, front loader among others, when completed, will make the drivers markable for not only Liberian market, but global as well.
Expressing gratitude for the training, one of the female trainees, Julee said, “I am very happy to be part of this training exercise. I think it will help me. It makes me marketable now. I want to thank BMMC for such opportunity.”
Bendu, for her part said, her knowledge will be used wisely noting, “These trainings are for heavy machines and those machines are all over the world in the mining sector. So, what I am learning today, will live with me for life.”
“Whatever you learn is not wasteful. Everything is useful. For me, this training is good for me. Now, no man till bluff us about driving heavy duty machines. After this training, I will be able to do the same work like the men,” Miatta said.
“We have decided to give them the extra training so they can be empowered and be able to compete both locally and internationally,” he said.
The training was being conducted by the Human and Manpower Development of BMMC and it was the first time for such a huge number of people to attend such training program.

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