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Banakol Residents Get Safe Drinking Water

Residents in Banakol, have for the first time since the sensation of the 13 years civil war in Liberia, are benefiting from the instillation of a community faucet pump that will provide safe pipe borne drinking water.

Banakol is one of the populated communities this is located in Caldwell, New Georgia in Montserrado County.

The water facility is constructed by the friends of defeated Unity Party District 15 candidate, Amos Tweh as a fulfilment of some of his campaign promises.

According to the chairman of the Friend of Amos, Zulu Allison, the water instillation is the first among several other projects that will dedicated by Mr. Tweh, noting, “We are working of similar project in all of our community in this district to ensure that our people benefit from safe pipe borne drinking water.”

He added, “This is not the only project. We are also working on rehabilitating all of roads to hard-to-reach communities in our district. During the rain, some places in this district, especially in Caldwell and Logan are hard-to-reach and others get flooded. These are what we will target during the dry so as to bring some relief to our people.”

For his part, Mr. Tweh thanked the community for working with him and the team during the construction of the water facility and called on them to make good use of the opportunity.

We did not do a well because we want to provide for you safe drinking pipe borne water. We must manage this facility for the benefit of all of us. We will ensure that all the communities in the entire district benefit from similar project,” he said.

Receiving the keys of the project, the community secretary, Rev. Adolphus Williams thanked Mr. Tweh for the project and called on the community to see the water instillation as a dream come true for the community.

“The only hand pump where our children fetch drinking is a private property and we are at the mercy of the owners before we can access the facility. But this our own and we must do all we can to maintain and keep it clean,” Rev. Williams said.

However, some prominent community members have thanked the Friends of Amos for considering their community to be designated for the construction of the first ever public faucet pump in Caldwell.

Mr. Mborzua Barclay observed that no facility of such has been built in Caldwell, even with the Allisons and Mayors residing there.

“Don’t get me wrong. People had pipe borne drinking here, but it was in their houses and for their private use that is what that make this the first ever public water font with faucet,” he said.

“We are grateful to you, Mr. Tweh and your friends for such facility. I promise you that we will take care of this pump as though it was in our hearts,” he added

For his part, the chief Imam prayed that Allah will continue to bless the hands that provided the pump and that whatever he does will be sanction by Allah. 

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