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Bad Road Causes Govt’ Low Income At Guinea-Nimba Border

By Solomon T Gaye
The deplorable road condition between Liberia and the Republic of Guinea is hampering free movement at borders in Nimba County.
Speaking to this paper in Ganta, Old Lady Jereline Nyan explained that marketers are finding it difficult to go for goods at N ‘Zerekore, due to the disconnection of the government motor road.
“The bad road condition from the main Ganta border to Guinea is creating hardship on marketers to go buy goods in Guinea, because the road on the highway has a huge split,” market woman, Martha Saye, disclosed.
The Ganta main border contains seven sub-ports and is one of the land borders that generates huge revenue for the government of Liberia.
Speaking to this paper in Ganta, a Joint Security officer with the Ministry of Finance assigned to the Ganta border, disclosed the result of the problem being slow movement and low income, in terms of revenue collection, at that government border.
“Consignees are not coming with used cars anymore because of the bad road from N’Zerekore to come to Ganta border; revenue collection is poor until we have almost entered into the dry season,” said the customs officer.
When this paper contacted Joint Security Chairman and LIS Commander, William Budy, at the border in Ganta, he confirmed slow movement at both sides of the border.
“From Guinea’s side of the border to N’Zerekore is cut off due to heavy rainfall, no commercial vehicles can cross from Liberia to Guinea at this moment, Budy disclosed.
According to the Joint Security Chairman, because of the deplorable road condition, Guinea military are using the Liberian route to transport military supplies, through the Yekepa border in Nimba, but he remained tight-lipped on whether the Ministry of National Defense is aware of Guinea military supplies passing through Liberia.

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