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Back To Back Evergreen …Retains 3rd League Championship

By S. Siapha Mulbah
Evergreen Football Club has for the second time won Liberia Football Association’s New Kru Town Sub-committee 3rd Division League.
The last year champion of the sub-committee who failed to qualify for National Second division league due to playoff defeat will again go to the Montserado County playoff seeking promotion to the upper league.
Evergreen took on the championship from Liyofa Football Club who had been at the top of the eight-team table since round 7 but lose their trophy on the final day of the league season with a 2-0 lost to Gardnersville Pro.
With even points, Evergreen had only a goal as a margin in their favor that placed them above the runner-up making them the champions with 29 points.
However, both teams have qualified for the Montserrado playoff and will be representing the New Kru Town Subcommittee.
Meanwhile, Bernard Williams, the president’s retaining champions has called on supporters of the club to double up their efforts and partnership as the team goes to another playoff.
Williams said it has been everyone connected to the team’s dream to see the promotion to the upper league and now is the time to make such dream work.
According to him, there were countless challenges during the season to see Evergreen retaining a title that many thought was impossible.
“We all have a dream to become successful but success is not the final, it is the courage to continue the counts. We fought together as a team from the beginning to the end even though it was not an easy task,” he said, calling on his fans and follower of the team to assemble at the playoff venue beginning this weekend.

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