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Aunty Mamie’s Corner:
Looking Into The Census Result

The long-awaited census results are out!!!
Liberia announced provisional results of its 2022 National Population and Housing Census recently. The population census was said to have been conducted between November 14 and December 18, 2022.
The flamboyant announcing ceremony at the Monrovia brought together high-profile stakeholders and multilateral partners where the acting Director General, Lawrence George, proudly announced that “The de facto Population in Liberia on Census Night [November 10-11, 2022] was 5.2 million (5,248,621).” He said the total population increased by 1,772,013 (50 percent) as compared to the 2008 census. He also said the overall male population makes up 50.4 percent (2,644,450) of the people, and the female population accounts for 49.6 (2,604,171), given a national sex ratio of 101.5 males to every 100 females.
So, they said a total of 1,187,388 households were enumerated with an average national household size of 4.4 persons, while the national population density is 140 persons per square mile. My point here is that lots of the citizens had been and are still complaining that they were not counted which makes one to question if this is a housing result or population result because if it was a housing and population result, indeed, LISGIS must explain further because seriously, awareness is knowledge and knowledge is important.
Howbeit, I personally believe that the provisional census results just released are faulty! According to the LIGIS report, the completeness of the 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census (LNPHC) is 97 percent of the projected population, which is an internationally acceptable achievement; if this is so, why did they not do the best thing to reach out to some of us that might just make up the 3%?
In the end, the result will end with ‘approximately’ and that will be unfair because uniquely, it is said that what is not done properly, is not done at all; you cannot have people of voting ages expecting or waiting and or availing themselves to be counted but were never engaged, yet some people who never see anything wrong sit and say, not everyone is counted in a census exercise…are you kidding me?
Anyways, what interests me the most is that I also read that Grand Kru County population increased sharply and myself being a neighbor to that county cannot write this piece without saying bravo to the people of Grand Kru County for adhering to Genesis 1:22/28 of the holy book.
Indeed, you are multiplying and filling the earth at a serious speed and it is worth noting especially just when the national budget was passed at a 16 percent increment as well but that is for another day!

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