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Aunty Mamie’s Corner: Valentine’s Day As Night Falls In Ganta

Ganta, the buzzling commercial city of Nimba County. The city that shares border with neighboring Guinea.
I am visiting Ganta for work purposes; my work is done and I decided to see the dark sides of the city especially on Valentine’s Day. It is the evening of valentines and since I am far away from families and love ones, I decided to sit and see how valentines are spent in this part of Liberia. Sitting at a famous corner and watching the evening pass, people entering in pairs, ladies mostly dressed in red, and holding either a rose or a balloon shaped like a heart. The night was getting heated, the music was good, more people came and before I knew it there was no empty table except for the one behind me because it was a table for two and a guy was already seated so probably everyone thought it was booked.
I notice a particular girl well dressed for the evening quietly walked in and sat at the table for two, next to the guy so I assumed that they probably knew each other or were on a date since it was the evening of valentines, the lovers’ night.
As I watched them, the lady kept engaging him with conversation he would slowly respond but it was clear he wasn’t paying attention, time to time as the music hit her, she would get up and dance, the bartender kept bringing drinks on the table and the evening was moving slowly but smoothly till the guy got up to leave. By that time, we were way into the evening.
When he got up to leave, there were arguments on their table, I turned and stole a glance, then said to myself this is valentines evening and these things happen.
The argument got heated and voices were becoming louder, I could hear the guy say “I don’t know you; you have no rights over me, I can leave anytime I want” and she was “like try me if I don’t embarrass you here.”
Their arguments were drawing attention and since they were directly behind me, I decided to intervene. So I walked to them and immediately when she saw me walking to them she started to explain to.. “our ma oo I came here, since no seat, I sat down with him…he na say anything to me ooo. We wor lecturing and he wor buying drinks, we wor drinking and lecturing..soon he receive one call, he say he going. At I say I mon com with you? he say no. If he know he na wan be wey me wetin bizness he waisted my time”?
At this time, she was standing and explaining why the guy quietly sat and listened.
He looked like a decent guy though and was apparently embarrassed by her attitude.
I turned to him and asked what is going on sir? He just smiled and said oldma, I have no idea what is going on. I don’t know this young lady. She came and shared my table and since she wasn’t buying drinks I decided to share my drinks with her, we share conversation though but it was nothing intimate or personal. I am stranger here in Ganta and was waiting for a friend’s call that is why I decided to sit here and wait for that to call.
And so when I got the call I decided to leave and she is insisting that she follows me to wherever I am going. Can you imagine this bad luck?
Now my hands and mouth were fill. I didn’t know where to start the conversation now. I turn to her do you really know this guy? She answered “oldma to be fair I na know him before” Then why are you embarrassing him like this? I asked.
“This man know he na wan be with me why he wasted my time, ley time I was here sitting with him I could be different place looking for it. He na supposed to keep me here buying me drinks”.
And then I asked but did he stop you from going to look for it? No she answered. Then why you na go look for it? “Becos he was putting up drinks it means that he was encouraging me to stay with him so I couldn’t go anywhere else and oldma ooo this man looking like he geh mar”.
Now I am not the only one laughing…she is laughing, the guy is laughing and everyone else listening to her is laughing.
I said to her my girl if someone buy drinks and lecture with you it na mean that they want be with you ooo. The guy say he bought the drinks because you both were sitting together. He na put talk so he na get interest.. I beg you let him go.. you see how you na call for nothing crowd on yourself and the guy?? Even myself embarrass now.. let the boy go menh.
So ley way he going now who will buy me drinks.. all ley people dem na catch…. Everything…I got to change location now before I can catch something…oldma let him drop small thing. He can’t go like that.
The guy was looking at the girl with serious shock in his eyes..he looked like a stranger indeed. Not only a stranger to Ganta but a total stranger to the streets.
He give her a five dollar USD note and thanked me for intervening and walked to his car and sped off.
I turned to her and said you good? Oldma I alright now I’m going to Alvino Club.

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