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Aspirant Threatens Lawsuit
Against Rep. Gray

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
Montserrado County District 8 Representative aspirant in 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Rufus Towah Sam, has threatened to file a legal action against Representative Moses Acarous Gray.
According to Mr. Sam, the incumbent lawmaker is allegedly using a property that was constructed through the district development office in 2014 for a personal political office in the Slipway Community, an action he said is holding the community hostage and seen as a ‘broad- day robbery.’
“We are concentrating on suing pharaoh Gray for broad-day robbery he has instituted against the people of Slipway for holding hostage the community library intended for the children’s reading room built by the County Superintendent office as part of the County Development Fund as his district office from 2014 up to present,” he explained.
His allegation furthered that Rep. Gray has refused to respond to the constant calls of the community dwellers to open the library to the public for its intended purpose and will not be left without any redress.
The county’s hopeful made the disclosure over the weekend when scores of his supporters turned-up at the slipway Community Town Hall to watch him officially declare his full membership with Benoni Ureys’ All Liberian Party (ALP).
During the program, Mr. Towah Sam said his action to join the ALP came about in seeking a total emancipation for the people of his district and have their lives transformed for the better.
He added that his belief is in the political leader of the ALP, Mr. Benoni Urey for keen insights on the growth and forward march of Liberia as well as being a well-defined political institution that believes in cultivating the minds of the young people in Liberia, noting, “The All Liberian Party believes in the true tenet of democracy and decentralization, including people-centered oriented form of leadership”.
Accepting the membership declaration of Mr. Towah Sam on behalf of the ALP, the national chairman, Mr. Theodore Momo lauded the decision of his new comer and revealed that it is a timely one.
He maintained that the All Liberian Party is a party wishing to change the political landscape of Liberia to bring onboard potential young visionaries who wish manevolence for Mama Liberia.

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