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Are Minister Mabutu Nyenpan And Crew Dancing The Music Alone??

It is no secret that the self-motivated Public Works Minister Mabutu Nyenpa is leaning over backwards to ensure that road connectivity is on the cards for the good of all; given the challenges the CDC-led administration is faced with.
It can be recalled that after a visit to Japan early this year, Min. Nyenpan divulged that the Japanese Government had agreed to do the stretch of the Bushrod Island Road from Via Town to the St. Paul Bridge Community in the Duala belt, free of charge.
The Public Works chief then assured that work will commence on that corridor after the completion of the Somalia Drive Road, now shrewdly renamed the Japanese Drive.
No sooner had the Public Works Ministry boss disclosed the good news that nature resolved to put that stretch of road in a more deplorable condition; especially between the National Port Authority (NPA) or “Freeport” and the respected Faith Healing Temple of JESUS Christ, Inc, alias “Mot. Dukuly Church” adjacent the famous Town called Balema, a stone’s throw from the Jamaica Road Junction.
Two semi-rivers have been created as a result of the downpours recently with a depth of about six and a half feet where many sedan-styled vehicles cannot escape the baptizing of the interior thereby leaving the floors of the cars soaking wet.
Drivers of Keh-Kehs and Pen-Pens risk the safety of their passengers as they to either get wet partially or like a bolt from the blue; as the dirty-water baptize them in the milky tea-like colored rivers situated before the NPA and the Church.
A passenger said the locations of the rivers are cogent because the Freeport mints money by and large and could contribute to the dynamic Public Works Minister’s quest for a state-of-the-art road which serve as one of the panaceas to the Bushrod Island road madness while the Faith Healing Temple of JESUS Christ is the covenant between GOD and the People of Liberia and so its prayer circle (The Praying Arm of the Church) will be emboldened to intercede for the Minister and his crew to find a quick solution to the apparently ever-deteriorating road condition.
The Island plays host to many big businesses including but not limited to Sethi Brothers, Jetty, the Harbel Supermarket, ATM Business, Bridgeway Corporation, Africa Motors and Prestige Motors whose social responsibilities could serve as potential source of assistance to the agile Ministry.
Meanwhile this paper gathered that with the little resources at the disposal of the Public Works Ministry, the team has begun the incremental cement-pavement of the same stretch of road in Vai Town and around the LPRC area in the interim to ameliorate the situation.
When the media-friendly Public Works Minister, Nyenpan we contacted, at a function on the grounds of ECOWAS House sometime last year for a possible interview arrangement, his response was in the affirmative but the undesirable COVID-19 pulled everything far apart thereby putting a spinner in the work.

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