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APM Terminals Deploys Digital Camera At Freeport

APM Terminals Liberia says it has deployed new digital camera monitoring and control system, to keep all its terminal activities in check, in line with the company’s vision to enhance operational safety and efficiency at the Freeport of Monrovia.

Dubbed: “OPS Visualization,” this new development involves the doubling of cameras in the terminal and the installation of over 30 large video displays in the terminal.

In vessel operations, cameras will be used to monitor the berth operations including and not limited to discharging and loading of vessels and flagging unsafe conditions identified.

The terminal yard will also deploy more cameras to monitor the yard operations to ensure the operators are following the standard procedures and serving customers efficiently.

According to a statement issued in Monrovia, it will monitor vehicular and human movements at the respective gates inside the terminal; cameras will be installed at the gates to also help the duty shift leaders to make informed decisions on managing unforeseen challenges.

These installations will give a complete view of all operational areas from a central control unit manned within the company’s main office building.

“This will not only help reduce the number of staff who go into the high-risk areas at the terminal but will also improve data gathering, improve productivity and engender confidence among stakeholders,” Ebenezer Opoku, APM Terminals Liberia’s Operations Manager in charge of planning and execution said.

He said safety is of utmost priority to us as port operators and they have been operating all these years with limited safety incidents and that this step will only enhance our safety capabilities.

“This new camera technology gives us a 360 view of our entire operations so we can effectively monitor and flag safety incidents, improve data gathering and accuracy and as well promote transparency among stakeholders as we get footage of all our operations,” Opoku remarked.

The OPS Visualization project at the Freeport of Monrovia further underlines APM Terminals Liberia’s actualization of APM Terminals’ global Health Safety, Security Environment (HSSE) policy.

Under this policy, the company has committed to protecting its people, business partners, the communities where they work as well as its customers by ensuring APM Terminals (APMT) operations are carried out safely.

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