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Another Guinean Arrested For Attempted Registration In G/Gedeh

A Guinean National, Yusufu Keita, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to obtain a Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) card in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.
The 23-year-old was arrested on the Suah High School Campus in Zwedru where he went to get registered and when he was apprehended.
An Immigration Commander in the County, Andy Russ Gborley, told the media that Keita has lived in Liberia for a year now but surprisingly on Friday, April 28, he decided to join some of his compatriots to attempt the process.
His kinsmen came in his defense claiming that he possessed a resident permit which was proven to be false and misleading following a search at his home in Zwedru.
Keita, upon the order of the Immigration is being detained while investigation continues. The BVR which kicked off in Grand Gedeh County on Tuesday, April 21, shall end next Thursday, May 11.
Meanwhile, police in Pleebo, Maryland County are probing a 31-ydears old man for allegedly attempting to duplicate his registration.
Suspect Michael Nah was arrested on Thursday, April 27, by the police on the Central Site High School campus in Gedetarbo where he had gone to register for the second time.
According to the report, the accused allegedly admitted that he had earlier in the morning and on the same day registered at Division 5 of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC), but was not satisfied with the photo on the card issued him by the NEC staff at that center.
He then wanted to have another one but despite his appeal at that center he was refused to redo the card.
He claimed to have broken the card given him into two and threw it away and thereafter decided to go to another center for a new one.
“I went to Camp 5 this morning and did my identification card, but I told the NEC that I did not like the photo, but they refused to change it. So, I came to Central site to take another one but, when they flashed the light in my eyes they questioned me about the other card,” Nah said.
He continued: “I told them I did not like the photo and that is how they asked me to sit down and wait because someone was coming to interview me. Later, I saw a policeman coming for me.”
Nah said his action to register twice was not influenced by any politician or friends, but he wanted to take a card that was better than the first one.
Michael Nah, who is a resident of Pleebo Zone 4, has since been incarcerated at the Pleebo Police Depot undergoing investigation for electoral fraud.

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