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Angry Protesters Reject Kalasco’s Intervention In Kinsman Death …Condemn Gov’t For Delaying Justice

By Alex Yomah

Presidential Aide, Sekou Kalasco Damaro, efforts applied on yesterday aimed at curbing the annoyed protesters met with stiff resistance at the Headquarters of the Liberia Police.
According to our reporter, upon the Presidential aide’s attempts to enter the police headquarters, he was booed, insulted and demanded to leave immediately.
The aggrieved protesters chased Kalasco, as he is affectionate called, out of the Police HQ with threats to burn down his vehicle without thinking that he is member of the Mandingo speaking tribe.
The protesters who were predominately of the Mandingo tribes besieged the police headquarters in demand of justice for a truck operator that was reportedly killed by an LNP officer in the Gardnerville belt.
The protesters carrying placards with inscriptions stated, “We want justice for Alieu Sheriff, Mandingo people are citizens, Stop the brutality against peaceful citizen, Liberians are suffering too much, if he can’t lead us, stop killing us.”
According to the aggrieved protesters, they rejected Kalasco’s mediation role because he knew that they ( Mandingo) were seeking justice for the death of their brother, son Lieu Sheriff who they claimed was reportedly killed by the police.
According to our reporter who was on the scene, Kalasco’s vehicle got nearly smashed by the protesters evidenced by many attempts to manually turn over the vehicle while the presidential aide was seated in it.
The protesters attempt to leap their mass protest gathering to the Legislature was halted by the legislative security.
However, officers of the Liberian police later disbursed the protesters with teargas following what they termed as ‘intelligence’ that there were criminals amongst the protesters.
Later, speaking to reporters at the Police Headquarters, Spokesperson Moses Carter admitted that early yesterday, some concerned citizens took to the streets over the death of a citizen who in the Gardnerville belt and said concern was later presented to the police at its headquarters.
Interestingly, he said the gathering claimed the attention of President George Weah who designated the Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf, and the Minister of Gender and a host of other assistant ministers including his aide Kalasco who was denied entry.
Their concerns were on the issues with justice and speedy trial but they were assured by the police leadership that justice will be served.

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