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ANC Sets Up Fund Drive For Cummings’ Presidential Bid

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has established a fund drive to support its Standard Bearer, Alexander Cummings’ the Presidential bid in the general and Presidential elections slated for October 2023.

Mr. Cummings, also the presumptive Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), is one of the opposition candidates opting to unseat President George Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change.

The fund drive which was kicked off on Saturday, May 7 is expected to continue through the next 15 months both in the United States and Liberia. Initially, the May 7 fund drive raised U$216,500 at what was perceived as an impressive joint ceremony both at the ANC headquarters in Monrovia and virtually for all Liberians in the Diaspora.

Mr. and Mrs. Cummings kicked off the fund drive with appeal to partisans worldwide to support the ANC rescue mission for Liberia from the ‘inept’ administration of President Weah.

In the over four years term of President Weah, it is no secret amongst opposition political parties that the economy has performed poorly, leading to drastic cuts in civil servants’ salaries, high unemployment rate, extreme poverty, and widespread unprecedented corruption in every sector of government including the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Mr. Cummings said it was unacceptable with the country’s enormous natural resources, including gold, diamond, rubber, iron ore and timber, vast majority of Liberians are living in abject poverty, while a few at the top live in wealth.

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