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ANC Set To Change Liberia’s Direction

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings says the collapse of the CPP has not altered Liberia’s need for real change thereby reassuring Liberians of genuine change in the living conditions of all Liberians.
Mr. Cummings said the real change the ANC seeks would require Liberians to be different, unyielding in the face of adversities and stand firm and steadfast with all who are right.
He said to change the direction of Liberia and improve the living conditions of the people; it will require personal and other sacrifices as well as building lasting or temporary partnerships with different stakeholders and groups.
The ANC’s political leader said along the path to change, “conditions may change, alliances may break and partnerships may fall apart, but with focus and commitment fixed on change, the ANC remains confident it will win for the Liberian people,” he said.
Mr. Cummings said before embarking on the journey to earn the trust to serve and lead Liberia, he was mindful that the road would be long and bumpy with twists and turns and would be maligned and conspired against by opponents and friends.
Cummings said he had forewarned that if the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) didn’t make it to 2023, it shouldn’t dash the hopes and strong desires of Liberians for change, it was not long, he said, the Unity Party followed the All Liberian Party to announce its withdrawal from the CPP.
The ANC political leader said “the mismanagement of the country’s resources must end, the stealing and abuse of power must end, the fear and division in our society must end, impunity must end, and leadership by corruption must end, and give all Liberians equal chance to compete.
Mr. Cummings said ANC and Liberty Party would work together to explore and widen the inclusive tent of the CPP, mindful of the dangerous plot by ruling CDC Government to thwart the effort and divide the Liberian people.
“I see it in the enterprising spirits of Liberian manufacturers, producers, and Liberian-owned businesses including shops, and cook shops owners, market women, taxi and bus drivers, barbers, tailors, car loaders, pehn-pehn and keh-keh riders and waiters, and other Liberians who are desperately trying to make in an economy that is working against their success,” Mr. Cummings said.
The ANC Political Leader said electing a different quality of leadership that is trustworthy to lead by higher standards and good examples, he’s certain that Liberia will proudly rise and Liberians will be uplifted and rightfully regarded in the world.
According to Mr. Cummings, Liberia will no longer need to beg or see each other become beggars or rely on others to do for the nation what we should be doing for ourselves.
He said through the honest and collective efforts, as well as our commitment and dedication to duty, Liberians will enjoy their resources, God has richly bestowed on our country, noting that Liberia is too rich for Liberians to be so poor, due to corrupt and irresponsible leadership.

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