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ANC Lawyers Say State
1st Witness Lied Under Oath
…Prepares To Discredit Momo’s Testimony

Defense lawyers in the trial involving the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the All Liberian Party (ALP) represented by the Government of Liberia are seeking to discredit the testimony of the state witness, Theodore Momo.
According to them, witness Momo did lie under oath about the alteration of the then Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) framework document.
Last week, witness Momo, in his testimony court, stated that the CPP framework document was altered and that the ANC political leader had admitted to the claim by the ALP.
But ANC’s legal team on Monday, March 7, while examining witness Momo on the cross questioned whether the CPP framework document was signed through zoom or signed physically with “wet pen” by the political leaders of the four constituent parties.
Witness Momo answered saying that the four political leaders signed using the social media platform, zoom, at separate locations, in spite of concerns amongst them regarding the need for clarity, revision and validation of the CPP framework document.
Witness Momo revealed that Senator Lawrence signed the CPP framework document for the Liberty Party in Grand Bassa County, Benoni Urey signed the document for the ALP at his corporate office in Monrovia, and Joseph Boakai signed the document for the Unity Party at his resident office in Paynesville, while the Cummings signed for the ANC at his residence in Monrovia.
Cross examination of the first state witness Momo was interspersed with series of objections by State Prosecutors led by the Solicitor General that the defense lawyers questions were intended to entrap their witness, who has testified in the last three days of trial.
Meanwhile, the ongoing trial held in Magisterial Court has been postponed indefinitely.

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