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Ambassador Ren celebrates International
Children’s Day With Liberian Students

Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Liberia invited representatives of teachers and primary and secondary school students from the Star Foundation School in Montserrado as guests of the embassy to celebrate the International Children’s Day.
Chinese Ambassador Ren Yisheng donated a batch of cultural and sports supplies to the students on behalf of the embassy and signed a handover certificate with the Liberian school on assisting its repair.
It can be recalled that Ambassador Ren made a donation on behalf of the embassy for the renovation of the Star Foundation School of Liberia.
Meanwhile celebrating the International Children’s Day, the Ambassador also shared the outcome of China-Liberia friendly and pragmatic cooperation, and expressed appreciation to the school for overcoming the difficulties such as the epidemic and shortage of resources, and actively carrying out education.
He said that youths are the future of the country, and the young people of Liberia should cherish and grasp the hard-won situation of peace and stability in Liberia, be ambitious, work hard, unite with fraternity, and contribute to the national construction and development of Liberia.
Ambassador Ren also had a cordial chat with the Liberian students and asked about their study and living conditions while the students expressed that they will keep in mind the sincere advice of Ambassador Ren; his work hard, and contribution to the national construction of Liberia and the promotion of the friendship between Liberia and China.
“China cherishes China-Africa and China-Liberia friendship and is willing to provide assistance within its capacity for the development of Liberia’s educational cause,” said Ambassador Ren as he wished the students a happy holiday, success in study and good health.
On behalf of the students and their parents, Principle Isaiah Y. Johnson, Sr. thanked the Chinese side for its long-term contribution to Liberia’s economic and social development and for helping them to repair the school in difficult times.
He confirmed that the renovated school will be named “China-Liberia Friendship School.”

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