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“ALP Will Not Support UP Because Boakai Betrayed” -Mr. Urey Asserts

By Bill W. Cooper

The political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, has officially announced that his party will not be supporting the Unity Party (UP) in the upcoming 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.

Mr. Urey, who for the past five years was one of the major allies to the UP, expressed his disappointment and frustration with Ambassador Boakai, claiming that the ALP had been betrayed by their former political ally.

Mr. Urey and Amb. Boakai were once allies, but that relationship has since turned sour, after the country’s former Vice President chose to announce Senator Jeremiah Koung of the Movement for Democratic and Reconstruction (MDR) as his vice running mate for the October 10, polls.

Speaking yesterday at the party’s headquarters, when officially endorsing aspirants expected to contest on the ALP ticket on Old Road, Urey made it clear that any possibility of an alliance between the ALP and the UP was now completely off the table.

He said, “I’m saying this because we feel betrayed by Unity Party and Amb. Joseph Boakai, who we believed was the best alternative to change this country. And thankfully, the UP showed us their true colors before the elections.”

“And think it is the will of God that the UP was quick to show the ALP their true nature because who knows what could have happened if they were to win the elections with the addition of our support, we could have been treated badly, like a stepchild,” he said.

Many political pundits/observers view the ALP leader’s decision as a shock and big blow to the UP chances of winning the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), as the two parties had previously collaborated in the 2017 presidential elections.

Urey, a prominent businessman turned politician, also accused the UP of failing to fulfill their promises and abandoning the principles of their partnership and cited a lack of honesty within the UP, claiming that the ALP had been left disillusioned and betrayed by the actions of their former ally.

“The Unity Party has lost sight of the vision we shared when we formed our alliance. We had hoped to bring about positive change for the Liberian people, but instead, we were met with broken promises and a disregard for our shared goals; as such, the ALP can no longer align itself with a party that has lost its way,” Urey declared.

The ALP standard bearer went on to emphasize that the ALP would be pursuing an independent path in the upcoming elections as well as collaborate with other political party(ies) of like minds, but not with the UP anymore.

He also expressed confidence in the party’s ability to present a strong alternative to the existing political landscape in Liberia, highlighting the ALP’s commitment to socioeconomic development, job creation, and the fight against corruption.

“Our focus now is on building a stronger Liberia, free from the shackles of old politics. So, the ALP will work tirelessly to address the needs of the Liberian people and provide them with the leadership they deserve,” he added.

 As the Liberian political landscape grows increasingly fragmented, the 2023 elections is shaping up to be a highly competitive and complex affair, and with the ALP now distancing itself from the UP, both parties will need to reevaluate their strategies and alliances in order to secure their positions in the upcoming polls.

Furthermore, other political analysts also hold the belief that Urey’s decision may create opportunities for other political parties to form new alliances and coalitions.

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