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ALCOP, Others Extol
Late Professor Kromah

By Bill W. Cooper
Several Liberians, predominately Muslims over the weekend, gathered over the weekend to end their last fast in honor of the late professor, Alhaji G.V. Kromah, and thereby described him as Liberia’s greatest liberator to have ever lived.
Recently, Prof. Kromah, veteran Liberian journalist and the former Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System died at his residence after suffering from a long period of illness.
The late Kromah was also the founder of the infamous warring faction known as the “United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO), which later participated in the first Liberian civil war from 1989-1996, as well as the founder of the All Liberians Coalition Party (ALCOP).
However, in recognition of his service to Liberia, ALCOP’s political leader, Lusinee F. Kamara who also described the late Kromah as a “Great Hero” vowed to ensure that the legacy of Mr. Kromah will forever live on especially for his fight for religious freedom.
“We want to assure you that whatever he stood for, we will not go in vain. We will defend his legacy by our lives. He wanted peace and reconciliation and so we will continue to do all we can to keep Liberians together irrespective of background or tribe or religion,” he vowed.
The ALCOP political leader furthered, “And also, the dream of ALCOP will never die. We will stand by ALCOP so as to defend the legacy of Kromah.”
In remark, the Political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings called on all Liberians to reconcile their differences as the surest way forward for development and improvement of the country.
He added, “This is the time to think about reconciliation. Liberia will not change if we keep the division and hate for one another. Liberia needs to put away the old past and unite because this is the basic and best way forward for a better and prosperous nation.”
For his part, the Liberty Party’s (LP) embattled Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility urged members of the Muslim community not to let the fight and pains of the late Kromah go in vain.

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