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Ailing Mother Sends SOS

By Bill W. Cooper

A 33-year-old lady suffering brain tumor has made an SOS call on the government and other well-meaning Liberians, both in and out of Liberia to aid her seek advanced medical treatment abroad.
Makies Garmai Dehfer is married with six children and a resident of the GSA Road Community in Paynesville and has been suffering from the illness since January 20 to present.
According to her spouse, Mr. Dehfer, the medical condition has for months caused his wife some sleepless nights with severe headache as well as paralyzing the entire right side of her body.
Explaining her ordeal to this paper in an exclusive interview yesterday, Mrs. Dehfer lamented that she was diagnosed of tumor in the brain early January by Liberian doctors at the Jamalade Medical Center in Paynesville and their only recommendation was that she be taken abroad for proper treatment.
Mrs. Dehfer whose situation seems to be worsening by the day, put the total cost to save her life at US$8,000 which is to be deposited at a recommended hospital in the United States of America and US$6,000 for her travel (plane ticket) and lodging.
She and her husband are earnestly appealing to the offices of President George M. Weah; First lady, Clar Marie Weah; Speaker, Bhofal Chambers; Vice-President, Jewel Howard-Taylor and other humanitarian organizations to help fund the treatment.
“Actually, my husband and I are unable to save US$1,400 to have me leave this country in pursuit of advanced medical treatment. I am really in pain and dying slowly because this brain tumor hurts,” Mrs. Dehfer stated.
“So, I am just calling on every Liberian to please help with any amount to buttress what my husband and I have raised for me to live and cater to him and my six children because I am dying slowly,” she said in a teary tone.
She pleaded, “As we speak, I can’t even walk by myself again and my right hand can no longer function like before. Everything I do now is being done through my husband and it is so frustrating and heartbreaking.”
“The pain is not easy for me because I can’t even sleep at night because of the severe headaches which at times make me shed tears. I hope this SOS call can reach our government officials and other goodwill Liberians living abroad to see the need and help save my life,” Mrs. Dehfer explained with tears streaming down her cheeks.
Meanwhile, anyone wanting to assist Mrs. Makies Garmai Dehfer can reach the family via cell numbers: 0777455137/ 0776733143 while the Mobile money is: 0886733143/ 0886565339.

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