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Aggrieved UP Partisans
Turn To ANC

Dozens of aggrieved members of the Unity Party (UP) in Districts 10 and 12, on Sunday, April 10, switched allegiance to the Alternative National Congress (ANC).
The group described the ANC’s political leader, Alexander Cummings, as the best and competent alternative for Liberia’s Presidency.
At a joint program in Gardnersville, the aggrieved Unity Party members along with hundreds of residents of Riverview, Bassa Town Community decried the Unity Party of marginalization, neglects and lack of development in their respective districts in Montserrado County.
The aggrieved UP partisans’ spokesperson, Odysseus Diakpo, praised the ANC political leader’s enviable record at Coca-Cola Global, his agenda for genuine change, and strong commitment to combatting corruption which has eroded the fabric of the Liberian society.
Mr. Diakpo said that the ANC political leader has proven over the years to be a trusted Liberian, committed to stimulating economic development that will attract investments, create jobs and opportunities that will help lift Liberians out of poverty.
Responding, Cummings expressed thanks and appreciation to the aggrieved UP members and community dwellers of Riverview, Bassa Town for the show of support to the ANC and his presidential bid.
Mr. Cummings spoke against the high level of corruption especially in public service, which he said has over the years robbed the vast majority of Liberians of the basic essential social services and rendered them ‘poorest of the poor’ in the world.
He then reassured Liberians of his sincerest commitment to real change that will ensure Liberia’s wealth and resources benefit all Liberians and not just the few.
Riverview, Bassa Town Community statement of support was read by Mr. Alexander Barshu at an elaborate program which brought together hundreds of ANC supporters, sympathizers, and first-time voters, most of whom have obtained their membership cards.
He said Riverview, Bassa Community is in dire need of a school for the increasing number of school-aged children most of whom he said are out of school because they cannot afford the high tuition fees.

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