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AFLA Wants Gov’t’s Support

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Country Director of the Association for Life of Africa-Liberia (AFLA) George Festus Blamoh, has called on the Government of Liberia for more financial support to the association.
Speaking over the weekend in Marshall, lower Margibi County Director Blamoh said, “I will like to call on the Government of Liberia to stretch its arms to our direction. We are intentionally involved into communities and we believe that your resources will not be wasted.”
According to AFLA Country Director, his Association is working closely with young people who are normally described as Zogos.
He said further that the organization is opened to all meaningful Liberians and institutions who have interest in the future of these young people in order to partner with them, adding that the organization believes that in order to reintegrate these young people into society, they should first de-traumatized and as well create a healthy relationship.
Blamoh disclosed that the organization has a building that has gone 75% with its construction which will be a home of hope for all.
“We have a place where people can come to rest for three months, build skills, counsel and provide trauma healing because most of the young people are spoiling from trauma,” he said.
He added that it is significant to provide care for the youth because the future of the country lies in their hands.
“We are engaging, equipping and empowering the younger generation to serve as agents of transformation and healing and developing teamwork and bringing smiles and hopes to the younger generation in Liberia,” he maintained.
Director Blamoh, among other things, revealed that about 60% of Liberia’s population is youthful and if they are not given a sense of direction, taking part in the country’s decision will make no impact; saying, the importance of direction for the country lies in the hands of the youth.
“If we can develop the minds and hearts of the youth, we will have a better society. There are lots of challenges getting them together to come for this program,” Blamoh added.
AFLA’s Country Director explained that members of the organization have to speak to parents and those that do not have parents in order to encourage them because the program is not about games but mentoring and life coaching.
“The young people of Liberia need to hear a better voice. Over the year, the rapid growth of Zogos spreading across the country is alarming, he said.
Director Blamoh said it pains him to see young people living without significance because leaders are watching on the fence and seeing the rapid spread of way-ward young people in the streets.
“They need direction and we have come in their space to create a safe environment where we can build healthy relationships so that they can have healthy development,” he said.
The Duty Director of AFLA, Amos Gabriel Borbor, said that the association believes in community transformation noting, “We believe that most of the children do not have people to mentor them, so we decided to have this program in this part of Liberia because we want them to become better in society.”
The Association For Life of Africa-Liberia (AFLA) is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization that is reaching, rescuing and restoring broken communities and lives in the various centers across Liberia by providing health care, counseling, ministry, education, and social services where lives are being saved and changed noting, “We believe in the sanctity of life and that all lives are valuable and should be respected.”

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