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AFLA Donates Items To C. H Rennie Hospital

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Association for Life of Africa- Liberia (AFLA), a non- governmental Christian organization has donated several items to the C. H Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County.
This donation which brings to two the number of presentations surrounding the visibility of AFLA in Liberia at the close of last week witnessed the only government referral hospital in the county receiving six bags of rice and several sanitary materials including hand washing materials against the spread of the covid-9.
AFLA’s Country Director, George Festus Blomah, said, “We believed life is valuable and should be treated with respect and love, therefore we understand that the country and the rest of the world is fighting the deadly coronavirus; so we came as an organization to join the fight by coming to the C. H Reinne Hospital to providing health care and all of the things that are necessary in this fight.”
According to Director Blamoh, they are also planning two-day training on trauma healing counseling with the hospital which will start this October to help some nurses and patients during the pandemic.
“As part of our support, we decided to bring six bags of rice, seven covid-19 hand washing buckets, 375 masks and 17 Holy Bibles. What is more significant to us as an organization is the word of God; all around the world, we can only counsel using the words of God,” the Director explained.
He added, “We want to say many thanks to the C. H Rennie Hospital and we will continue to do what we can do to help save more lives; we understand that you people provide food for some of the patients here and i hope this will help more.”
“We love you; you are not alone and that we are standing with you and we are going to fight this virus together,” he encouraged the hospital staff and patients.
The Nursing Directress, Margaret Moiwai, also expressed that the donation will help them especially the Bibles adding, “We are very grateful for this gesture, it means a lot to us; leaving your comfort zones and traveling to this part of Liberia is something we are honestly grateful for,” she expressed.
According to her, they have noticed that some of their nurses and patients are suffering from trauma caused by the pandemic and stated that the training will be a help to them as well.
AFLA is reaching, rescuing and restoring broken communities and lives through the various centers across Liberia by providing health care, trauma counseling, education, and social services where lives are being saved and changed.

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