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AFELL Condemns Murder Attempts On Jessica Lloyd, Sarah Harris

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) is outraged and has condemned in the strongest terms, the attempted murder of Jessica Lloyd. We denounce the vicious attempt on the life of 21-year-old Jessica Lloyd. AFELL says that the heinous act of violence against Jessica is brutal and a cruel disregard for human life.
Upon hearing of this barbaric crime, AFELL’s team proceeded to the JFK Medical Hospital in Monrovia on Friday, September 15, 2023, thereafter, to the Liberia National Police Headquarters.
According to the Police, the alleged perpetrator is Lucas Richards, an American Missionary.
At the Police Headquarter, AFELL spoke with the Inspector General of Police, Patrick T. Sudue, who assured us of the police’s fullest cooperation. AFELL is calling on the police to conduct a thorough investigation and to ensure that the Human Rights of all those involved are respected and protected during the course of the investigation.
AFELL wants to assure the family that we will be monitoring the investigation. Similarly, AFELL is also calling for a speedy and thorough investigation in the gruesome murder of Sarah Harris, which occurred in Crozierville.
According to the police, the alleged perpetrator is her husband, Samuel Porte. The police further stated that the perpetrator, in a jealous rage, chopped off the head of the victim with a cutlass and wounded both the victim’s mother and daughter.
AFELL extends sincere condolences to the family members of Sarah Harris. Our prayers are with the family and those injured. We are deeply concerned about the increased violation of the rights of innocent women and children in Liberia, and are prepared to seek justice for the survivors and victims.
Domestic violence and other forms of violence in Liberia lingers unabated, as women and girls continue to fall victim to these abuses. AFELL calls on the State to institute preventive measures to protect all citizens of Liberia. The heinous act of violence against women must stop!!

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