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AEMG Boss Urges Liberian Artists To
Collaborate With Nigerian, Ghanaian Stars

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Artist Management and Production Company (AEMG), Aries Air Dean has encouraged Liberian musicians to form collaborations with Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.
According to Mr. Dean who is also the founder of African Entertainment, collaborating with Nigerian and Ghanaian superstars will help give Liberian artists the required exposure and or recognition needed.
Mr. Dean cautioned Liberians against criticizing Nigerian and Ghanaian artists.
He observed that top stars from Nigeria and Ghana have made immense contributions to Liberia and therefore they ought to be appreciated and partnered rather than being criticized.
Specifically, he mentioned that working with stars like Sarkodie, KCee, Stonebwoy, Davido and Flavor could be beneficial to Liberian artists and Liberia as a country.
He recounted how during the late 1990s and early 2000, American musicians were dominating the music industry in Africa.
But he said Nigerians cleverly invested millions of dollars in collaborating with top US stars like Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Drake, Chris Brown, and today they have gained the necessary global exposure and are selling their country to the rest of the world.
For him, success in music or the entire entertainment industry is about the right partnerships, a sound investment, and hard work and not rather criticizing other artists who are doing well.
Urging Liberian artists to stop blaming others for their lack of success in the African music industry, he stated emphatically that “you criticize first before thinking; the same reason you don’t see the strategic benefits when your President makes music, or when the government pays your fellow artist US$30,000. Those are a major support for a boost for your industry. There is a formal and professional way to get your government to listen to support your industry; you have your industry leaders; get them to negotiate with the government.”
“Please build your capacity; take baby steps and grow; don’t allow ego to get over your heads; stop feeling too successful too soon. Work with the right management; be humble and trust your team,” Mr. Dean cautioned.
“Your ranting about the P-Square brother’s visit to Liberia is counterproductive, and imagine what would happen if Nigerian artists start refusing to work with you guys or if Americans start saying you can’t visit the US for tours?” he asked.
AEMG is one of Liberia’s top artist management and production companies. AEMG is credited with the production of some of Liberia’s best songs by artists such as DenG, Grateful and Make Dem Talk; Jzyno Kpan Kpan; Teddyride Zagalogo and Pray for Me.
Due to the efforts of the AEMG management team, DenG became the only Liberian artist to have received a nomination for the MTV Music Award.

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