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Activa Launches Medical Evacuation Policy

Activa International Insurance has launched an affordable and accessible evacuation program in the country meant to help cater to life-threatening situations resulting either from accidents or health emergencies.

However, the company maintained that any determination on referral to any health post in or out of the country must be made by the client’s doctors in concert with those of Activa as a prerequisite for successful subscribers in dire medical needs is that they must first be at a medical facility being attended to by doctors

At a news conference on Wednesday, November 18, which marked the official launch program, Activa Liberia Limited Chief Executive Officer, Saye D. Gbalazeh, explained how the evacuation and repatriation scheme as a brain child seeks to provide solutions to the constrains and stress people will have to endure in raising money timely to evacuate relatives or people to second country for medical attention.

He clarified that there will be no exact replica of the nature of health emergency evacuation and repatriation scheme in Liberia owing to its accessibility and affordability and that the lower age limit for qualification is from 14 days to 65 years.

Prof. Gbalazeh noted since the ultimate goal of the insurance company is to make this scheme accessible and affordable, the minimum requirement to subscribe for the scheme is that aspiring beneficiaries must consist of a group of at least 10 person.

He also narrated that while the essence of any business venture is profit-making, their vision is not limited to accruing money adding, “We also have a moral responsibility to give back to society under the corporate social responsibility theory.

Meanwhile, at the launch of the Medical Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Program held at the company’s Sinkor office, the Activa Liberia Limited boss also assured an amount not exceeding US$500 will be required per applicant.

“That will be followed by a copayment of US$ 250 annually. This automatically qualifies you for up to US$ 350,000 per qualifying event and that covers air ambulance or commercial medical escort flight, expenses at receiving hospital and doctor’s expenses,’ Prof. Gbalazeh stated.

He outlined other incentives in the packages as “Covering of medication and drugs, hotel accommodation for travel companion, hotel accommodation post discharge awaiting home and commercial flight home post.”

He said all related expenses are covered by Activa and its partners and paid directly to the service providers within the overall limit and that all pre0exisitng conditions are excluded while the company will utilize an extensive network of air ambulance operations to ensure that it will always access to air ambulances.

Pro. Saye also used the occasion to further clarify that the scheme should in no way be seen as a search and rescue mission and that clients or patients cannot select their own hospital under any health emergency.

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