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Acarous Gray Hits At Tweah, 2 Others In Gov’t

By Bill W. Cooper
Montserrado County District # 8 Representative, Moses Acarous Gray has stressed the need for Financial Experts to assist Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah and his team in handling the Liberian Economy.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Spoon TV over the weekend, Rep. Gray among many things stated that Minister Tweah lacks the ability to reach out to his international partners for help, stressing that his alleged refusal to seek help in handling the Liberian Economy is creating serious problem for the Weah’s led-administration.
The Montserrado County Lawmaker and Stalwart of the governing Party, CDC added that it is time for the country’s Finance Minister to seek assistance as well as listen to other experts in order to address the economic hardship confronting the nation.
However, Rep. Gray also criticized the Ministry of Agriculture Minister, Jeanine M. Cooper for not doing much in revamping the country’s agricultural sector, stating, “The Agriculture Minister has received enough funds but yet there is no improvement in the country’s agricultural sector.”
The Mont. Lawmaker further accused Minister Cooper for refusing to do business with new partners in the sector because of personal interest, disclosing that the Agricultural sector has in recent time received over US$20 million since her ascendency but yet, no progress.
He intoned that if President George Weah is to be successful in the 2023 presidential election, he will need to take some drastic action by carrying on massive reshuffle or dissolving of his cabinet, thereby calling on the Liberian leader to question the Agriculture Minister for the impact of all the donations/funds received.
Commenting on the Ministry of Justice Minister, Rep. Gray stressed the need for the Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean to define his path as to where his loyalty belongs, alluding that people working in the government still pay loyalty to the past administration something he said are undermining the Weah led-administration.
Meanwhile, as President Weah prepares for the second half of his administration in 2021, several Liberians are said to be calling on the Liberian leader to do a massive reshuffle of his cabinet in order to regain public confidence and trust in the governance system of the country.
According to Liberians who phoned on the Ok Morning Rush over the weekend, stated that those Ministers that were trusted by President Weah to serve their country have proved a high level of incompetence within just three years of his administration and as such, it is time that the Liberian leader dismisses and replace them with qualified and competent Liberians.
They however registered their disappointment and frustration over the performance of the CDC-led administration thereby blaming it on some key government officials for not doing their respective jobs they were appointed to do, but are instead busy responding to every word from the opposition community, which according to them, are some of the key factors contributing to the underperformance of the administration.
When quizzed about those Ministers to be sacked by President Weah, the majority of the callers named Education Minister, Ansu D. Sonii; Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Doe Tweah; Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor, J. Aloysius Tarlue and the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill.
Other Officials that were recommended for replacement are Gender Minister, Willimetta Saydee Tarr; Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zoegar Wilson; Commerce and Industry Minister, Mawine Diggs and the Liberia National Police Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue among others.
They added that these officials and many other government officials at the helm of the governance system of the country are not helping President Weah to improve the livelihood of Liberians, especially, the vast majority of the ordinary citizens who reside in various slums community across Liberia.

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