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“Absolute Silence Leads To Sadness. It Is The Image Of Death” –Jean Jacques Rousseau


Liberians are silent and because of this, they are dying slowly. We need to speak out and save the people and the State. It is from this background that this article is written. Reflection is about educating many Liberians who were either too young to remember how past protests ended in our country, or older people whose remembrance has faded and so would not recall how they ended. Reflection will help the older people to recall with the assumption that this will enable them help guide our leaders to avoid the repeat of the dark days’ happenings in our history. It is also expected that the young will understand the reasons certain actions are taken in resolving or mitigating issues in our patrimony.

Let me first say that men think they are free. This appears to be an illusion because they are only free during the election of their leaders, particularly in a Democratic Government, after which they become slaves and require permission to see and even speak to the leaders they elect, when those leaders go wrong. The leaders soon forget  that there is a Social Contract between them and the people who elect them in a democratic society and the people have the right to see and speak to their leaders if they feel their (electorates’) safety and happiness are threatened.

Undoubtedly, the cardinal responsibility of any government is the protection of lives and properties, as well as the provision of key social services such as water and sanitation, affordable education, health care and energy. If these basic necessities are not provided, the people need to request audience with their leaders to understand why. According to Jean Jacques Rousseau, “Every man has a right to risk his own life in order to save it.” Many people have taken that risk in Human History and unfortunately, some have died, while others were fortunate to have survived. Martin Luther King Jr of the United States of America, for example, risked his and was killed. Nelson Mandela of South Africa risked his and survived, In Liberia, D. Tweh, Albert Porte, Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Sr., Jackson F. Doe, James Y Gbarbea Sr., Robert Kennedy, Gabriel G. Farngalo , Gabriel Baccus Matthews, Gabriel Kpolleh, Archbishop Micheal K. Francis and many others risked their lives to make Liberia what it is today. We must never forget the sacrifices made by these Liberians. Furthermore, we must not forget those who were killed on April 14, 1979.

Below is an enumeration of the major protests which characterized the political scenarios of Liberia: Some of these protests ended peacefully while others ended violently with the loss of lives and millions of United States Dollars of properties destroyed.

Protest of Congress of Industrial Organization of Liberia (CIOL) mid 1960

Now coming back to the article, let us start our reflection from the early 1960s. In the early 1960s, the Congress of Industrial Organization of Liberia (CIOL), the parent of all Unions (General Workers Union, Dock Workers Union, Mines Workers Union, Railroad Workers Union and Rubber Workers Union) organized and planned a protest in Monrovia. The head of the CIOL was William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, Jr. (Baby Shad), son of President William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, Sr. He led the protesters to the Executive Mansion. The government provided protection to the protesters and even provided the Army Marching band to escort them. The protesters got to the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill and the President came down to receive the statement from the protesters. And though some might argue the protesters were headed by the President’s son so that was no big deal, for some of us, a protest is a protest; it does not matter who heads it. They presented their concerns/grievances to the leader. This ended peacefully no bloodshed; hence no harm was done to any of the protesters. The President gave the protesters money for transportation and lunch. President Tubman may be referred to today by some Liberians, who combine politics and football, as a political Messi in Liberia.

April 14, 1979 Protest (Rice Riot)

When Tolbert ascended to the Presidency, he prioritized agriculture, particularly rice production, because he realized that more than US$150 million was spent yearly by Liberians to purchase imported rice subsidized by the Government. He wanted to suspend subsidy on imported rice and use the money saved from the subsidy for infrastructural development such as roads, energy and water and sanitation, as well as agriculture. He introduced the annual Agricultural Fair and the largest rice farmer was awarded US$10,000.00 annually. We saw large rice production in Lofa, Bong, Nimba while other counties were making exerted efforts in this direction. By 1979, the Government stopped subsidizing imported rice because there was enough local rice on the market. The costs of both the imported rice and the local rice were the same. And Liberians who had high appetite for foreign rice used this as political weapon to get at the President. Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) took advantage of this and staged a protest on April 14, 1979.

When news of the planned protest got out, the President had a meeting with the then Justice Minister (Oliver Bright) and Police Director (Varney Dempster). The President was assured by these men that there was no need to worry and that they were in full control of the situation. On the morning of April 14, 1979, the protesters began gathering at the PAL Headquarters on Gurley Street near the G. L. Gibson School. The Police were sent to PAL Headquarters to crackdown on the protesters and confrontation between the police and protesters developed. The protesters moved into the streets and communities, and this resulted into lootings; some protesters and innocent citizens who were caught in the violence, got wounded and some were allegedly killed. Businesses lost millions of United States Dollars. The Progressive Alliance of Liberia reported that 500 people were killed, but there was no evidence of this allegation (No mass graves in which they were buried). The manner in which the Minister of Justice and the Police Director handled the protesters destroyed all the good works of President Tolbert.

March 7, 1980 Protest

On March 7, 1980, PAL again arranged and planned a Midnight march to the Executive Mansion with the intent of calling on President Tolbert to STEP DOWN/RESIGN. En route that night, G. Baccus Matthews and his supporters were arrested opposite the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism and sent to the South Beach Prison.

1985 Protest (University of Liberia)

In 1985, the students at the University of Liberia protested and President Doe ordered the then Defense Minister (General Gray D. Allison) quell the protests whereupon General Allison order the students to vacate the university campus.  His infamous command to the students was: “Move or be removed”. Students and faculty members were beaten and female students and faculty members allegedly raped. From that day, the Doe Administration became unpopular.

1985 Protest (Opposition Parties)

After the 1985 Election the opposition parties (Liberia Action Party headed by Jackson F. Doe; Unity Party headed by Dr. Edward B. Kesselly, and Liberia Unification Party headed by Gabriel Kpolleh) planned a protest. On the date of the protest, they were joined by Archbishop Michael K. Francis) and the slogan was “Monkey Come Down” referring to Samuel Doe the then Head of State of Liberia. The opposition leaders were arrested and sent to Belleh Yellah Prison in Bopolu, Lofa County.

July 7, 2019 Protest (Save the State protest)

On June 7, 2019, there was another protest which was excellent because approximately 50,000 people turned out, and there was no incident of violence. This tells us about a paradigm shift of maturity as exemplified by the Liberian people, as well as their capability to plan and execute Peaceful Protests with the help of Government security. Hence, there is no need to restrict the people, but rather work with them in their planning, and guide their movement with the view to avoiding unnecessary violence for which the Government might take the greater responsibility.

We all should keep at the back of our minds that Democratic Government unlike other forms of government is typified by the sustained general safety and welfare of the individual. Decisions are made according to the wishes of the MAJORITY. The MAJORITY yesterday would be the MINORITY of today. Holding those in POWER accountable for what they have done or are doing is what this form of Government is all about. Sometimes people are willing to RISK their lives for this to ensure that the leaders are accountable.


Between March and April 1980, there were many revelations from prophetic men and women of God. We will mention only four of them in this paper: April 6, 1980 was on a Sunday and the three sermons preached that day were very much interesting and liked by many citizens. The first was that of the Baptist preacher (Thelma Reeves of the Providence Baptist Church). Preacher Reeves told his congregation that during his meditation and preparation of the sermon, he saw an arrow flying over Monrovia with blood dripping from it. He said this was not a good sign for the Country. There would death and destruction in the land. The second was the Minister (Mother Wilhemina Dukuly) of the Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ. She said that in her meditation, she saw Monrovia being swallowed by the ocean water. And the third was from an Episcopal Cleric (Dr. Samuel Ford Dennis), who was the guest preacher at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp Johnson Road. He said during his meditation while preparing the sermon, he saw death, destruction and disaster in Monrovia. It was from what he saw during meditation he arrive at the theme for the sermon DDD (Death, Destruction and Disaster). Better still, there was another particular prophetic woman, who told the President few days before April 12, 1980 to resign before noon on April 11, 1980 or it would be too late. Tolbert did not resign and we all know what happened on April 12, 1980; there was a Coup d’état and the President was killed.

This brings me to a point of proffering some advice in the wake of the troubling emerging events in Liberia today. The CHOICE is ours to have a repeat of 1979 and 1985 incidents, or have a repeat of the 1960s and June 7, 2019 PEACEFUL Protests. Because if the COP becomes defiant and really determined to go ahead with the protest as PAL was on April 14, 1979, they will go ahead on December 30 and there will be a showdown with the security forces if the government is equally determined to stop them; this could lead to violence. This, we believe, is neither timely nor desirable for our country at this point and time. Our traditional friend (United States of America), the African Union, ECOWAS, and our development partners will be watching us to see how we handle the would-be December 30, 2019 protesters. Liberia must not go down the path of the past reference April14, 1979 and 1985 under this administration.

Most Liberian Presidents since 1930 have been invited to the United States during the first two years with the exception of President Charles Taylor and now President Weah. And any violence on December 30, 2019 will erode this president’s chances of addressing the US Congress and meeting the US President. There will be high possibility of SANCTIONS from our bilateral friends and donors. Potential investors might hold on to their investments for another year or so.  Liberians Be Wise.

There are now revelations similar to those of the 1980s. Listen to the prophetic words of men and women of God. Liberia needs PEACE and the key is in our hands.  Remember the Justice Minister and the Police Director who were responsible for the violence on April 14, 1979 were not affected by the Coup d’état.

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