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AAUL Offers 125 Undergraduate Students Full Scholarships

The Alumni Association of the University of Liberia (AAUL) has offered full scholarships to 125 students in the undergraduate division of the university
.Making the announcement, Mr. W. Namusa Geelor, the vice president for Operations of AAUL said, “Money is available now to pay the fees for the 125 undergraduate students.”
Mr. Geelor, however, sounded a caveat that the scholarship is not just for any student, emphasizing that students who are going to benefit must produce a grade point of 2.75 and above; noting, “Anyone who falls short of this, won’t benefit.”
Prior to making the pronouncement of the scholarship on behalf of the UL global alumni association, University of Liberia’s Alumni Association of the Americas and the alumni parent body in Liberia, he presented to the UL administration several pieces of 44 assorted educational materials, including microscopes, projectors, and specialized books to the university.
The items included 28 pieces of monitors, 32 computer mouse, 31 Central processing units, 24 keyboards, 14 ceiling speakers, 35 microscopes, four video decks, 27 Lab aprons, six boxes of Lab test tubes, eight electric stoves and 16 pieces of dell laptop chargers.
Other items include 20 pieces of dell monitor adapters, 17 external hard drives, seven over-head projectors, assorted Law, Physics, Chemistry, and other books.
“We have been working together with our team giving back to our Alma mater. Our colleagues in the USA and other areas, have been working along with the home team galvanizing resources to send back to the university,” AAUL’s Vice president for Operations explained.
According to him, they have heard over and again students, especially those in the Science College, complaining that their laboratories are not equipped and that they have been using “coal pots” to perform some of their lab works.
“We brought you Bunsen burners and many other things that will be used in the lab area,” Geelor stated.
UL’s president, Dr. Julius S. Nelson expressed his administration’s gratitude to the UL Alumni Association reminiscing how few years ago, when he was in the Department of Student Services, he approached the Alumni Association asking it for a marching band and some pieces of jerseys.
“Today, we have a UL marching band; we have the best sporting equipment one can think about. And now our wonderful association has come again to present to the university family microscopes, books and other accessories as your continual efforts to tell the people of Liberia about your interest in the Educational Sector, especially so at the University of Liberia,” he stated joyfully.
According to Dr. Nelson, it will be wonderful that every year they are going to be looking forward to receiving gifts from the global alumni association.

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